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Custom Website Design

An online presence that reflect your brand

custom website design with magento experts

If you already have an online store or simply want to create an appealing E-Commerce site that match your brand, we might be a good match for you.

Understanding Your Customer

Using advanced tool like Heatmap, scroll tracking, we can analyze and learn your customer behavior.  From this data, we have the basis to make a better website layout for you.

understanding your customer by using heatmap and scroll tracking

Designing A Website that Sells

From our analysis, we design a website that is not just beautiful, but also provide better information for your customer. This improvement in both aesthetic and ease of use should improve your site conversion and increase sales.

designing a website that increase sales

Complete Responsive Design

Our responsive web design ensure your site looks good from desktop, handphone and tablets. But we don’t stop there.

We also make sure to:

  1. Create proper product attributes.
  2. Write content that match your brand persona.
  3. Help you set @domainname E-mails.
complete the responsive web design