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Automate your Magento systems with your critical business systems to save cost and increase efficiency.

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Integration with Payment Gateway

We have dealt with various kind of payment gateways, such as Stripe, CommWeb, AsiaPay, Braintree, PayPal, and many more. We know the importance of payment system for E-Commerce, so we always handle all the process carefully, from testing to manual live transaction test often requested by the payment gateway system.

Omnichannel Selling

Automatically sync your product inventory and prices to popular marketplace like eBay and Amazon. When there is an order in eBay, it will show up automatically on Magento, with automatic stock reduction. This way you’ll save on data entry and increase your sales in eBay and Amazon with minimal effort.

Integration with Shipping Providers

From automatic zip code per sub-district, to automatic shipping price update, we offer deep integration with your favorite couriers like UPS, DHL, Australian Post, and many more.

Integrate Magento to Other Systems

Want to transfer your data from Magento to other systems? We can add new Magento API in addition to Magento existing API. The API will be well documented and secure with your choice of authentication method. The other system can call the API to get Magento data automatically.

Reuse Existing Extension

Due to Magento’s wide choice of extension, it is easy to integrate your Magento to other system. Our extensive experiences in E-Commerce business can help you find and integrate the most suitable extension for your store.