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Magento Technical Audit

Ensure your website’s safety and performance

Have problem with your Magento speed? Do you feel your E-Commerce website is not secure enough? Here, you can find the answer for those problems! We know the best way to manage Magento servers to achieve maximum speed and security.

  • Speed optimization

From finding slow parts in the code, up to fast cache integration, our team identify the exact problem with your store and make the necessary action to speed it up.

  • Making┬ásure your server is secure

We do standardized test to find loophole in your store security. After we fix that, we update your Magento store to the newest version, add firewall, and force password reset to make sure your site is secure.

  • Making your customer feel secure

Customer feel more secure when they see the green lock with the URL that starts with HTTPS. We can install the purchased SSL certificate, or we can install a site wide SSL with Letsencrypt SSL that is popular, secure and free. This HTTPS URL increase customer trust, and help you rank better with search engine as well.