The Importance of Contact Page

The Importance of Contact Page


23 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Sometimes, we face a pop-up message from a website to create an account, join the website newsletter service or maybe just register our email to read the rest of the article. This pop-up message is just the beginning. The real thing will be the contact page.
In a website development process, there will always be some agreement for the website itself. On the owner standpoint, the website developer should develop the website based on the agreement and the owner will give a feedback after a dry test. If the website is working nicely, the website developer will work on the next step until the website goes live.

Inside the Contact Page

contact page
The contact page makes a prospective customer comes a little closer to our spot. We don’t just place it on the homepage as a formality. We did it on purpose. Especially for a small business that still need more attention to stand out of the internet.

First Step

After you make a website, there are pages like homepage, product page, checkout page, privacy policy, portfolio or explanation of your company, and also a contact page. At least those are the main pages you should have when you want to run an e-commerce website.


Sometimes, a customer will complain about your service, getting the wrong product, and face some fraud in your online store. The contact page should be a solution to reach your customer service and get some explanations. Reachability is from both sides. The customer could get all I’ve mentioned before and you can promote your new product line, deals, discount, coupon, flash sale, or something else to your customer by their email address.

Creating a Contact Form

Next is creating the contact form. Contact form should be brief yet covers all the information that you need.

Asking the Right Question for a Business Partner

I know that contact form won’t be the final answer, but at least, you can understand the basic requirement and information from your customer or even a business partner. It could be a precious data to build a new network.
question mark
As a business partner, after they watch your company’s portfolio, if they are interested to join forces with you, they will open the contact page and fill the form right away. Of course, the portfolio should be satisfying enough to get their attention, but the contact form should be asking the right question as well.

Asking the Right Question for a Customer (or Future Customer)

On the other hand, you will also need to create a contact form for the customer. But since it’s customer, I think it’s way easier and simpler than the first one.

Pop-up Message

Beside footer section or ‘About’ page, you can put the contact form or a ‘Contact page’ direct link to the front of the homepage. Especially if it’s popped after the visitor has stayed for a while. For some website, it will be more effective to create a pop-up message on the homepage. This is also part of the strategy for a visitor of your website to fill in the contact form. Instead of clicking the contact page link, creating a pop-up message would be much faster and easier.
And since you want to make it faster, you can’t put ten columns or more. You will only need at least one column for the visitor to fill their email address. After that, you can send an email to make the visitor fill a complete contact form.
There are two workloads here. Creating the pop-up message and sending the complete contact form. So, make sure you manage it wisely and get the best help to make it done.


Ah yes, don’t forget about the security as well. Your customer or business partner will think about this when they want to enter their information. If you have any leak in the security system, the chance to have the contact form to be filled will be decreased.

Building Engagement

Mostly, if you fill the contact form, you will have to enter your name and email (sometimes you can just enter your email). Creating a loyal customer is quite hard. Build an engagement with a customer by using a contact page should be a breakthrough.


Well, we can conclude that the contact page is vital for every website. even for an e-commerce website. The first development agreement will need to add this page. If there is any question you can ask our expert and get more explanation about your website development.

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