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Booyaa is a B2B Marketplace which offer high qualities products with best prices to dropshippers and sellers. Booyaa’s sales team will help you to connect you with all the reliable supplier to replenish your stock. They sell various kind of things, start from household needs, office equipments, various kind of foods and drinks, to clothes and electrical equipments. What makes Booyaa different than the usual marketplace is their products quantity. They are B2B marketplace, so rather than the end buyer/user, they aim for other business and other sellers, who usually buy products in bulk.  


Marketplace Feature Magento basic does not come with Marketplace feature, so we need to add a marketplace extension to the site. With that extension, the suppliers and seller are able to manage their own inventory, shipment, seller profile (they can input their name, address and photo), and also seller collection page. We also tested all the Marketplace features several times in order to ensure everything works perfectly.   Salesman / Dropshipper Registration Beside customer and merchant, Booyaa also want to add one more option for new user registration : Salesman. So, beside customer and merchant, new user also can register as salesman or dropshipper in the website. Becoming a salesman means the user will be able to “tag” the products that they want to sell as a dropshipper. To share those products as a list, they can simply just copy and paste the link. Easy! This feature also comes with salesman commission feature. The admin can decide the rate for salesman commission, check each and all sales commissions, and also update the data if payment for commission has been made.   Indonesia’s Shipment & Payments For now, booyaa only focus in Indonesia. So, we add features for Indonesia’s local shipments and local payments which commonly used in Indonesia. The shipment’s cost connected to the shipment cost that was inputted by each sellers. The cost will appear automatically based on the product’s weight or dimension (depends on the seller’s settings), and the location of the buyer.