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Bunga Nusantara

Challenge is a flower online seller that serve many major cities in Indonesia. They have hundreds of florist partners across Indonesia. The interesting part is that they cater more to corporate than individuals. The majority of their sales are what they call 'flower board' which is sent to many events to formally express happiness, happy wedding, and sympathy. They want to upgrade the look of the site, but their main pain points is the checkout process that usually works for normal e-commerce process couldn't work for them. To send a flower, a person need to enter the following:
  1. Message, name of recipient, address of recipient, phone number of recipient, time of delivery
  2. Name of Sender, Phone number of sender
  3. Name of the buyer of the flower and their email.
The amount of information that is needed confuses many users. They need a streamlined process that made it clear who and what is the information for.
Bunga Nusantara responsive home page


Web DesignBunga Nusantara home page and banner Being a mainly corporate flower sellers, we try to make it beautiful and professional. So we come out with this design. Magenta as a color inspire professionalism while still capturing the romantic meaning of flowers.   Checkout Page Bunga Nusantara checkout page shows a bunch of flowers To fix the checkout phase, first we skip the cart page. We tried to match the product page and the checkout page to give the impression that you are still in the product page and need to fill information about that product. We use an accordion based design to hide all the complicated information and show one part at a time. 99% of their purchase are one item purchase per checkout so we skip the shopping cart page altogether.   Extension Used
  • Aschroder SMTP Pro
  • Follow Up Email by Lime
  • AOE Scheduler