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Elzumie (App)


TokoMyFriends is a place where all animal lovers, both seller and buyer can meet in one place. They can easily interact with each other, make their choices, no matter where they are. ​ Animals are loyal companions, human's best friends. TokoMyFriends hopes that you can find your own friend here, or just simply give shelter and a nice home for abandoned ones.


New Feature Implementations Just like the website, the mobile app also has been built, but it isn't finished yet, and they want to add several new features in it, such as an auto-confirmed system for bought products or animals when they arrive at buyer's location, shows different tag feature for member and admin, etc. We spent the few first hours to learn the past programmer's code pattern and then created all the requested new features for the mobile. We also always double check the result to reduce mistake and half-baked performance. The mobile app was made with Ionic platform. Bug Fixing There are several bugs in the mobile app, some of them even disturb the transaction flow, so they need to be fixed quickly. We tested the system, find the root of the cause, fix them and then ensure the same problem won't appear again. Redesign Just like the website, they want a "new and fresh" look, so they decide to re-design the mobile app and the website, while still keep the same color scheme as before. However, unlike the website, the mobile app got quite a lot of re-design works. All pages got a touch-up, especially the homepage. We added banner slider, change the background, add several new buttons, and change the top menu's design too.