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NU Photo


NuPhoto is a Singaporean Camera Shop that sells their products online on Their website is generally running smoothly, but sometimes there are minor problems in their site and general issues from external source like hosting problems and E-mail sending issues. We are not the creator of the website but we are currently maintaining their site daily needs Nuphoto home page and banner


Email Problems One time, email is suddenly not sending from their site to the customers. We look into the logs, and it turns out that Gmail is rejecting emails being sent from their own server. Unless you’re a big corporation, it is better to use external third party Mail like Gmail or Zoho. You still get your email, but they will take care of spam handling, DKIM, SPF, and all that extra work for you. All you have to do, is SMTP to their server and instruct them to send the email. This, in turn, increase your email deliverability and you don’t have to worry about Gmail rejecting your email.   Securing the site We upgraded the site security to fully use https by using their existing SSL certificate. You can recognize HTTPS site from their small green security lock icon that protects your user critical information, and helps build trust with your user. We also perform routine security updates for both Magento and the server to prevent major vulnerabilities.   Minor Website Issues Some css and display issues from the previous developers are still left unfixed, so we go ahead and fix that. Issues ranges from minor display issues, up to checkout problems from conflicting modules. Limecommerce fixing minor display issues on Nuphoto website