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Our Dream Party


OurDreamParty sells party supplies online in many online marketplaces in Indonesia. As orders grew, they started to feel the need of a computerized system in managing orders. A website is also helpful so they can have more control over their promotions. This project is a good challenge because we have to adapt to their already running processing system, and hopefully improve upon it. Our Dream Party responsive homepage design


Party supplies are cheap individually, so you can be sure that user most of the time will buy many products in one order. They also have this really complex products that is called Letter Balloons. It starts from A to Z, 1 to 9, with different colors too. Inventory management is also key because out of stock happens from time to time, and they have a hard time managing stocks from multiple channel. The rest are the usual problems with Indonesian ecommerce such as:
  • Shipping with couriers that have no reliable API or pricelist.
  • Low adoption of credit card in the country forces ecommerce sellers to rely on Bank Transfer Payment Method.
They want a fun, yet minimalist website design that let the content shine. Target audience are teen to young adult. Our Dream Party home page and banner We created a black colored web design with a lot of whitespace. This design let the content shine as per requested. We warned the Our Dream Party team that in order for this design to look good, their team must make really beatiful banners and have really high quality product photos. The results are a design that gets out of the way and let the user focus on shopping   Multi Channel Order Creating multi channel order for a special feature of Our Dream Party website Managing inventory is a built in Magento feature. However, not all of Our Dream Party order are from the web. They have sales from Instagram,, and, and many more. So, to solve for that problem, we created a simple bar at the create order page of Magento, to choose the channel that generate the sales.  This way they will know where is the source of the order if there is a problem arise. Then we suggested that they creat a new order on the backend for every sales that happens through other channel. With this, Magento become the central stock management system, and the team will always know if there is an out of stock product.   Extensions Used
  • Aschroder SMTP Pro
  • Follow Up Email by Lime
  • WatchDog by Customer Paragdigm
  • Indonesian Delivery Extensions by Lime
  • Indonesian Payment Confirmation by Lime
  • Multi Channel Orders by Lime