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Challenge is a new upcoming Customized Product Seller that sells various kind of product, like Phone Cases, Mouse Pads, Photo Canvas, and many more. They have a Do It Yourself (DIY) online designer to customize your products directly from their website. They used another agency before but does not like the speed and quality of work, so they switch to us to finish things up and make it production ready. PrintYR home page


Theme Customization has most of the feature working, but there are still a lot of details that missing from their site. We wrangle to make sure the displays are correct on every page. Making sure users are able to checkout, and testing the Stripe payment system in order to ensure it’s working properly. PrintYR products   Integration with Stripe Stripe is the easiest Payment Gateway to integrate with, we just install the extension, test it with the sandbox once, and switch it to production. All we need to do then is to run an actual production ready transaction to make sure payment goes through. Limecommerce developing a payment gateway that integrated with stripe   Making sure email works Since they’re a new company, we recommend them to use Zoho Mail to handle their domain email. It’s free for up to 25 users, which is more than needed when you’re just starting out. After that we use SMTP to send automated email from Magento to the sales email in Zoho.   Adwords and Analytics Integration To make sure their adwords campaign is running smoothly, and are able to track conversions, we add adwords tracking code at strategic places in the website, like the thank you page to indicate that a user has convert, and to find out which ads convert them. adwords and analytics integration