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Challenge is a new website selling all kinds of industrial machinery. They want a simple E-commerce website done right and fast. Shipping needs to use custom courier with a mix of free shipping on certain cities. They also need a bank transfer with payment confirmation method. Rotoki home page


Quick Design using Themes is built using Magento 2, with a premium theme. It allows for super fast delivery. The entire site is done in just 2 weeks. There are a few conflicts with other extensions, but it doesn’t take that long. Rotoki home page shows new arrival products   Bank Transfer with Confirmation Indonesian companies use a very manual process to verify payment. Customer transfer the money via wire transfer, and then use the payment confirmation page to notify the sellers of the payment. The seller approve the receipt of the payment and approve the order. While this sounds very tedious, it works well because is selling high value items with fewer volume. The manual methods also doesn’t charge any fee which makes a huge difference if you’re selling high volume items. Limecommerce creating a user-friendly payment methods for Indonesian customer on Rotoki website     Making sure email works Limecommerce fixing email error on the website Since they’re a new company, we recommend them to use Zoho Mail to handle their domain email. It’s free for up to 25 users, which is more than needed when you’re just starting out. After that we use SMTP to send automated email from Magento the sales email in Zoho.     Adwords and Analytics Integration To make sure their adwords campaign is running smoothly, and are able to track conversions, we add adwords tracking code at strategic places in the website, like the thank you page and confirmation page to indicate that a user has convert, and to find out which ads convert them.