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Safeport (Inspection App)


Safeport is a company that serve as a construction inspector in the construction sites. The inspector will inspect the whole process of a construction project using pen and paper. But it's super inefficient.   For now, paper-based inspection is a history. Too expensive, require unnecessary back and forth, and need a lot of work from office to job site. That's why we need to create an app to help the Inspection process for construction work.



At first, we want to make a quick recap about the whole running project on the field. So, we create a homepage that shows the working progress using statistic report.

Create and Assign Project

In the past, we call the inspector or gather them in a meeting to assign a project. To make it more efficient, the project owner can create a project with its detail and assign it to specific inspector.

Live Update and Control

The contractor in construction site can make daily report about all problem they’ve faced. If the problem is still occurred, they can inform the inspector to quickly find the best solution.

Full-report Generator

Simply swipe and tap the app and it will generate the preferred report. The inspector can update all data and the project owner can generate the report in pdf.