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Seamart is a shipping and offshore marine supplier that operates in Singapore. As Singapore becomes one of the most busy countries in Asia that operates a lot of tanker ships, receives and departs a lot of items from the harbor, marine supplies are the basic needs for a lot of mariner. Managing items in their warehouse is the hardest part of their business. They want our help to create a scheduling system that could show them when and where the ship departed or arrived.


To measure the schedule of every ship, we create a log system on the Magento backend. The admin can input the arrival date and departure date, matching the timing with all ships on the harbor, so the items in their limited warehouse can be managed precisely.
We also made a custom checkout page so they can easily track which product is out of stock and which product is still in the warehouse. Also, to manage inventory easier, we integrate their Magento system with Odoo software. Now they can easily track the ship, manage the items in the warehouse, calculate their inventory, and grow their business effectively and efficiently.