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As one of the world’s leading tech companies of professional stabilization system, ZHIYUN provides worldwide customers with a comprehensive set of innovative solutions and devices that redefines the way people record life. Zhiyun has several unique needs for their E-Commerce website. They don't have that many products, but each of them must be presented in the most detail way as possible. So, we create a custom product view and also serial number registration feature. Zhiyun home page and banner


Serial Number Registration Management This feature allows the customers to register their product's registration numbers. That way, they can claim warranty as needed. Once registered, the serial numbers are tagged to the one who registered it, so only that customer can claim the warranty. serial number registration management   Create Multiple Widgets for Custom Product View They want a more detailed product page, with a long description, high-quality images, and detailed explanations for each product's features. Each product also comes with their own downloadable software. create multiple widgets for custom product view