Black Friday: Special Event to Boost Sales

Black Friday: Special Event to Boost Sales


28 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Black Friday as Shopping Season

I know Black Friday is over. But it doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it.
After a Thanksgiving and eating some turkeys in the US, almost all stores there will face this shopping season. Black Friday ads will spread across the country and becomes viral. Even now, we can see Black Friday in many countries. Tons of people will go to the store or purchase the product from an online store. Many companies will give a big discount, coupon, bundled product, and more. They want to get revenue as much as possible in this special moment.

A Brief History of the Black Friday

Well, I don’t want to torture you with all blabbering, so I will make it simple. The ‘Black’ in Black Friday stands for the history of the event itself. The “Black” will stand for a good balance at the end of the year in the accounting term. It means you don’t catch yourself “in the red.” You can be “in the black” or have a good revenue at that time.
But a dark definition also circulates for this shopping event. It represents the darkness of this special shopping event after we do good deeds on Thanksgiving. There are many incidents occurred since the first event. Even though we have a good time with our family at Thanksgiving, but the day after that, we tend to do bad things at this event. That’s why it’s called “Black.”
But for now, let’s focus our attention on this event simply as a shopping event.

Creating your own shopping season

In my country, several e-commerce companies also use this strategy to boost their sales. They even create a concert and invite some international guests as their competitive advantage. Using a different kind of term, they manage to get Indonesian

Preventing Violence and Chaos

Black Friday Special Event to Boost Sales
One competitive advantage to create a Black Friday event for your online store is preventing violence and chaos when the customer purchases your goods. There are so many cases that this event caused so many ‘incidents’ and even make some people die. This is a big concern. After all, we don’t want more people to die because selfish people run amok in front of the store. To make it less dark than the usual moment, you should direct the customer to use the online platform and make it easier to buy the goods. So, the online store would be more peaceful than selling offline.

More Manageable

I know that Black Friday is a huge chance to increase your sales in a short amount of time. It makes you stay “in the black.” But there will be more chances when you create your own shopping event. For example, if you have a company anniversary, you can create a flash sale based on its anniversary. It would be more manageable since you create it yourself.

Easier Purchase, Checkout, and Payment System

Black Friday Special Event to Boost Sales
Easier purchases, checkout, and payment systems would be more helpful for the customer when they want to purchase many things. Since you will redirect the customer to buy the product online, you will need regular maintenance right after the shopping event. Of course, you will need to do it during the event as well. But preparation is the priority.


Last but not least, promotion strategy and implementation. If a Black Friday gives you many competitors in one day, your own shopping event should be less scary and competitive. But it doesn’t mean you won’t need any promotion strategy. Instead, you should develop a promotion strategy and feature to keep up with your shopping event, whether it’s a shake feature, coupon, free shipping, discount, or other features.


Despite the dark history of Black Friday, this is a good opportunity to grow. Even for a small business, you can still use this shopping event to get more sales from your new customer. But you will need a lot of preparation before that. That’s why you will need our help with the technical problem. So first, create your own shopping event at ease.

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