Create A Blog, Realize Your Ideas

Create A Blog, Realize Your Ideas


14 December 2017

By limenotlemon

Creating a Blog

Create a blog is like entering a new dimension which gives you tons of experience and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you just create a blog to share your thoughts or want to make something special. But I assure you that if you create a blog in 2017, your next 2018 will be different. Because a blog is not just about bragging all your ideas on the internet, but rather to create something useful.
2017 is nearly ended. Let’s pursue whatever our goals before we start a new year. Don’t make your 2017 becomes a sad ending story. Sitting and watching your smartphone all day long without creating something productive won’t make a happy ending story. So you need to start creating your ideas into something meaningful. One of the best solution to make your ideas shifting into a great masterpiece is by creating a blog. It’s because to create a blog is to find something new about yourself that you couldn’t imagine before.
To create a blog is way harder than finding a boy/girlfriend. Just kidding, of course, it’s way easier to create a blog. First, I need to start it by quoting the famous billionaire, ‘Let’s look at the first principle.’ Creating something insists you understand something first. If you don’t understand anything you build or pursue, then you should stop, think it deeply and comprehensively, understand every variable of what you’re doing, try mindmap it, and then start to chase it again.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk, the one person who wants to creates a better future for society by creating SolarCity, a city that fully-powered by solar energy. He makes a better transportation system as well by making Tesla and Hyperloop, and even want to colonize Mars by creating SpaceX, all of that need understanding of the first principle thinking instead of analogy. What is first principle thinking? First principle thinking is breaking down the fundamental of something to understand the basic of it. What’s the point of thinking like that? First principle thinking makes you fully understand what you’re doing. If you want to create your own blog, then you need to know the fundamentals of it.
Blog, by definition, is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-stye text entries (“posts”) (Source: Wikipedia). Or if you still don’t understand, a blog is a platform to make something called ‘post’ and spread it out to every person in the world. Instead of using a conventional way by creating a handwriting article, now you can just type it on your notebook and share it to your closest friend in seconds.
But nowadays, there are a lot of different styles of a blog. Let me split it into three categories, picture blog like Instagram or Snapchat, video blogs (vlog) like Youtube, or journalism blog like WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. All of that have different styles of communicating your ideas in this World Wide Web. But how I start it? Should I choose youtube instead? Or Instagram is way better than the other platforms? Or maybe I should just write it down on WordPress or Tumblr? Okay, let me introduce you to these three categories.

Picture Blog

Create a blog
Picture blog consists of a picture and a caption of it. Just like Instagram or Snapchat. To create a blog on these platforms are like creating a photography career but in a more simple and easier way. Both Instagram and Snapchat have similar features like uploading pictures, making 60 seconds video, or creating your story with an auto-edit feature. And you can add a caption of the picture if you want to express your feeling or explains something to your followers.
Making picture blog is easier than the other blog because you just have to take pictures of something you like and worth-sharing, then post it on your Instagram or Snapchat account. Making your own account is easy as well. All you need are a smartphone and internet connection. Then install Instagram or Snapchat app, sign up with your email, and voila! You have an account.
The hardest part of picture blog is taking a good photo. It takes time to learn photography. Find a good angle, better lighting, unique perspective, and many more. So you need to be patient. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet you can find and it’s free.
There is hashtag feature too that will helps you promote your blog. Rather than just share it with your followers, you can add the hashtag in your captions and make it possible to be found by the netizen. Your ideas will spread to the world, so make positive contents.

Video Blog

Create A Blog, Realize Your Ideas
Youtube creator or often called ‘Youtuber’ is well-known as one of the most influential people in this modern world. Why? Because video blog is unique. Instead of writing it down or making a picture of your own ideas, you can pack it by making a video and post it on the website. Is that simple? Obviously not. Creating a better content on this video blog platform is not easy. You need a lot of preparations just to make one video.
First thing first, you need a camera. What kind of camera? You can choose by yourself. It depends on what content you are making and what resource you have. If you want to make a personal vlog with daily chores, you can use a smartphone camera, a standard DSLR, or even your notebook camera. But of course, a better recording needs a better camera.
Then, what else? Choose your theme and concept your content. Just like the first principle thinking, what are you trying to make on your youtube channel? Brainstorm the best theme that fits you the most.
Is that all? No, you need to find a laptop and an editing software to helps you reshaping your video to a better one. There are a lot of editing software you can find on the internet like Adobe Premiere, Corel Video Studio, and much more. Just pick one and learn every single day. A great masterpiece needs a lot of learning as well.
If you ready to post your first video, then make the channel on Youtube and find a unique name that will be remembered by your viewers and fits you and your content as well. There will be ups and downs on the way, but keep making your best contents, learn more, create again, learn again, and your blog will be epic.

Journalism Blog

Create A Blog, Realize Your Ideas
Journal blog is a conventional blog. It’s the first platform that called ‘blog’ before picture blog or video blog. But is it bad? No, journalism blog still a place in every reader’s heart. Not all netizen like videos or picture, so they choose to find an informational blog by words. There are a bunch of platforms that bring you tons of feature to write something. WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are the most common to choose. WordPress is a more professional way to introduce yourself to the world. Blogger and Tumblr are way simpler. But all those websites have strengths and weaknesses. So you can compare it by yourself. All you need to do is simply write down your ideas into a great writing, edit it, and post it. You can add some pictures, music, or link to a video as well.
Sign up on the website you choose your email and start making your post. Customizing your blog will helps your reader to feel comfortable. Make it easy to read and don’t add too many ads. FYI, blogs could give you money as well, but I will not explain it in this article.
One more thing, there are ways to make your writing much better. Don’t do writing and editing at the same time. Since it will cost you hours and makes your work slower. So just write everything that crossed your mind. If you’re done, read it again, then edit it and post it.

Create Your Own

Every single blog has their own unique features and weaknesses. I will not try to convince you to choose from one of them, but I want to make sure that you already have guts to make your own blog and share your greatest ideas with the world. To make your own masterpiece.

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