Create Online Store: Magento Learning Points

Create Online Store: Magento Learning Points


28 September 2018

By limenotlemon

To create online store, you will have to compare some platforms that provide different ways to develop a website. There are also platforms that serve you to create your own mobile app. It all depends on your choice if you want to make a website, a mobile app, or perhaps use those two and integrate it to create a synced online store, then it’s all your will. But if you want to try a website and have no clue with the platform, then I think you should read this one. Let’s discuss it more.

Magento Platform for Online Store

Magento has years of experience in website development. Especially when someone tries to create online store. The e-commerce path that Magento choose is reasonable. Since the internet has become cheaper, reachable for everyone, and gives lots of opportunities, the commercial part in the business world also touched by it. Now we tend to use the internet and digital world to market our products. Not only to buy something but also to sell anything.
magento logo online store
There are two options in using Magento. Magento 1 and 2. But the news said that there will be no future security update for Magento 1. Magento HQ stops the production of it and focuses on Magento 2 instead. Also, they have released the newest version of Magento 2, Magento 2.2.6. A faster and more secure approach to create online store.

Learning Magento from The Experts

If you still worried about the Magento platform, I think you should try the demo and learn about it in person. Not just standing in front of your computer and get the lesson online, now you can meet the real Magento experts that have years of experiences and will guide you to create online store.

Manage Product

Magento has a feature to differentiate your product. It varies in the simple product, configurable product, bundled product, and even downloadable product. There are more different types of product, but let’s just focus on those four.
manage product like retailer
First, simple product. It will allow you to create a simple product and it only has simple attributes (I will talk about inventory system, categories, and attribute in another article) and no specific condition. On the other hand, the second one, configurable gives you the flexibility to create variants of one product. Whether you separate it in color, shape, or even size.
For the third one, the bundled product provides an easy way for the customer to choose a pack of products. Therefore, they don’t have to buy one by one, instead, they can choose a single bundled product to get more than one product. In your perspective, you can pick a simple product to bundled. As easy as creating a simple product.
The last one is a downloadable product. For example, if you want to create an online bookstore, you can also sell an eBook. The customer just needs to pay it and they can download the book right away. Yes, when you learn Magento, you can upload the downloadable product to your online store.
All of this product stuff is important to create online store. But as the power of Magento platform, it’s easier to learn if you have some experts right beside you.

Manage Sales

Okay, let’s jump to this one. Managing sales. This happens when your website or mobile app goes live. After your product is arranged perfectly, you will promote the product first. After that, we should monitor and analyze your sales regularly. Since it should be your data to add more stock, create a new product, try different marketing strategy, or even create a new feature of your Magento website.
marketing analysis
Managing sales consists of managing orders, invoice, packaging, and shipment. Let’s say you have 100 orders in one day. If half of 100 orders are being invoiced, the Magento system will automatically record that. And if you finished the shipment, the stock will be decreased and it will be recorded as well.

Final Thought

To create online store, you need to learn the whole basic concept. I will explain other lessons in another article. If you get some question, simply ask our education team. We would like to help you with learning Magento.

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