Installing New Free Shipping Feature

Installing New Free Shipping Feature


04 October 2018

By limenotlemon

The Role of Free Shipping Feature in E-Commerce Store

As the internet begins to change the way we buy things in everyday life, we tend to find something online before we buy the real product. The choice to buy it directly from the conventional store or purchase it online is all up to the customer. But there is one thing that could lead the customer to purchase your product. Yep, it’s free shipping support from your store. Well, although ‘free’ here is not actually free, there is always some background motive for this one. But let’s discuss the types first.

Free Shipping Effect for International Market

Installing New Free Shipping Feature
This “free” effect for your domestic market is good enough. But if you aim for the international market, it will be more useful. Since the tax itself could be high, relieving the customer with low-cost or completely free shipping cost will get your more sales and profit.

Two Options of Free Shipping

For me, there are two options or two types for this strategy. Conditional and unconditional free shipping. Let’s peel these off one by one.

Conditional Free Shipping

You will get this kind of free shipping if you can fulfill one or more conditions. Mostly it’s included with another promo like the first buyer in e-commerce website or something like that.
Another example is if your subtotal reaches the nominal value. Let’s say you have to purchase more than $100 to get your free shipping. Although almost everyone knows we can get less shipping cost because the product price is more expensive than before, the word ‘free’ still seems magical even after these years.
The other condition could be based on weight, the percentage per product, or even a new product that needs customer attention.

Unconditional Free Shipping

Unconditional free shipping sometimes could be the best option to gain more customer. You will stand out if other competitors don’t do this. But of course, it doesn’t last long since your customer could follow your steps. Still, you will get the first attention and it would make you a trendsetter.
Another condition for the unconditional is when the other competitors do it first. Then you have no chance to do it as well if you want to catch more market share. Or maybe, if you have small products which are easier to ship, then it could be your reason as well.

Magento Free Shipping Features

Installing New Free Shipping Feature


Not just the real product price, shipping cost also could be added with a discount to make it cheaper. Of course, there will be math stuff before you deploy or implement this kind of free shipping feature. You need to tally and sync between the product price and the shipping cost first. Especially if you do the shipping by yourself. But if the shipping feature comes from the expedition and you make an agreement with them, then you just need to promote it.


Changing the shipping cost with a fixed cost is more relieving. For example, I’m an Indonesian, but if I want to purchase a product from Amazon (which is in America), obviously, I will consider the shipping cost itself before I can afford the product price. Since handling, shipping cost, and tax will take a lot of space inside your mind. Mostly, just like what I said earlier, the customer will need to reach a specific subtotal before they could get their replaced-shipping-cost.


As the name said, it includes a feature to add additional cost in the shipping cost. Why surcharge? Mostly, the reason for adding more cost is related to insurance, overweight, and other aspects that could lead to additional cost. Still, you can add more bonus from it if the surcharge is too much for the customer. It could help your customer and it would be useful to get more loyal customers.

Installing New Shipping Feature

installing new free shipping feature in development
For the Magento website, you can get a hardcoded shipping feature or simply install an available extension from the Magento’s extensive collection. LimeCommerce experts will lend you a hand to develop the feature update.

Coupon Code

Well, there is not much different with the coupon code in free shipping. This is another small example when you use the free shipping feature. Using coupon code for free shipping is just an additional tactic. Since coupon code could be limited. For example, if your customer buys a product, they can only use one coupon at one time. But it has several conditions to meet. So, they will choose the product certainly.


All this shipping feature is needed if you want to stand out of the crowd. It gives the certainty for the customer to quickly click buy and finish the checkout. Drop us a line if you have more question.

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