How Instagram Follower Works in Business

How Instagram Follower Works in Business


05 November 2018

By limenotlemon


As we know it, Instagram has become a huge social media these days. People use it to share their life from photos, videos, and caption. Now they even have IGTV or Instagram TV to cover up people’s need in seeking attention. But in business, Instagram Follower has more utilities. Mostly, personal account only uses this feature to become popular. That’s all. But in the hand of an expert, the feature could be more useful.

Instagram Insight

I have written about this topic in my recent articles. But it’s not deep enough. Since Instagram Insight is based on both your post and follower activity, we should understand how the Instagram Algorithm works on this feature and how this affects Instagram follower. There are a lot of data processed in your Instagram Insight, then let’s discuss it bit by bit.

Fake Follower is Useless

Yep, there is a shortcut to get a lot of follower in one go. You can buy 1k followers for USD 10. It’s quite cheap if you want to make it 100k or more. Especially if you got more bucks in your pocket. On the other hand, as you know it, shortcut always has a side effect. Buying Instagram follower won’t make your business better in the long run. At first, it will give you tons of likes and comment, but after 3 months or more, your sales will not be increased. You got 100k followers yet almost all of it is a bot or inactive account. Then I’m sure it won’t have much effect on your business. It’s an investment for nothing.
Why? Simple, because it’s fake.
Just like your feeling to her. Just kidding.

The Importance of Engagement

Although it’s just 1k or 10k, the engagement with your Instagram follower means the most to your business. The most important thing in creating a business is to grow, slow but steady. Building it one by one. One follower to another. Create more awesome posts, get more attention, more follower, and do it repeatedly. Make small, yet meaningful bonds with your Instagram follower.

It’s Giveaway Time!

cookies for giveaway
Another step to gain more follower is holding a giveaway. The simplest thing in the giveaway is to give a valuable gift for your follower. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A valuable thing like your favorite t-shirt or something like that. Post it on your Instagram in the right time. Don’t forget to add your requirements for the giveaway. These are the three main requirements for your giveaway:

  1. Ask them to follow your account.
  2. Mention three or more friends in their post because you will need more attention in the future. At least more people will know that you are holding a special giveaway in limited time. And if you are lucky, you can get more contestant in your current giveaway.
  3. Use a special hashtag to track all posts. For example, if your name is Donald, you can create a hashtag like #DonaldGiveaway. Be creative. Make sure there is no account that makes the same hashtag beside your giveaway event.

Also, the giveaway is a competition. So, make sure you can create a relateable competition for your follower. Since not every competition is enticing enough for your follower to join. If your follower doesn’t like the prize, then don’t do it. You can ask them in your Instagram story to make a good engagement in your future post.

Instagram Ads

instagram post for advertisement
Another step to take your followers counts further is using Instagram Official Ads. Based on your insight, Instagram will reach more people to give a look on your post. You can register your payment method by using a Facebook account. After that, come up with a content to post. The system will do the rest. You just need to monitor and analyze the traffic. If it makes your sales better, then add more ads. I know it will cost a lot, but I think it’s worth it.

Managing Post

Don’t Post Too Much

Instead of bragging all your post all day, you should make a schedule to post frequently and strategically. Not every post will get all attention. Instagram, as we know it, just like any other media social. These days, if your post is not appealing and if the time is not right, the

Reply Comment

Replying comment is also part of building engagement with your Instagram follower. Don’t forget to filter your comment. Reply to what’s important for your improvement, not the opposite. If there are hate comments, simply report and block it. You can also use the Instagram feature to filter the comment based on keyword. So, it would be easier for you to get positive feedback from your followers.

Final Thought

Long story short, Instagram follower takes full effort to be increased. Don’t just depends on Instagram Insight, but also be creative to create a remarkable and meaningful content for your follower. Hold a giveaway event, perhaps for every month. Schedule your post diligently. Reply comment necessarily. Above all, enjoy the journey. You will not take your business anywhere if you don’t even enjoy it.
P.S. If you have more question, you can visit our website to get more insight for your business.

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