Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products


03 October 2017

By limenotlemon

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products

Do you know what is the main purpose of product’s packaging? The packaging does not only act as a “skin” that protect the products from outer elements, but it also should be pretty enough for people to buy it.
People tend to buy things that able to attract their attention and liking. If your product was wrapped in a badly arranged wrapper and looked shabby, there is a high change the customers will just skip your products to look for a better-looking one, right? That is why good design is very important when it comes to product packaging.

Beautiful Design for Your Packaging

Of course, just speaking about it is easier than implementing it for real. Here are some useful tips how to attract customers with your box and wrapper design.

  1. Experimenting with more than one design

It does not matter how expensive the material you used, or how unique it is if it unable to attract customers to buy your products. Do not feel satisfied with just one design. Try several designs and see which one can really boost your sales.

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products

You can try from a smaller group of people first, like your family and friends. Show them your packaging design and ask their opinion.

Keep in mind that even if you think the design is pretty, there is a possibility your customers will not think the same.


  1. Make it simple

Sometimes, less is more. Do not try to oversell your product from its outer skin alone. Your packaging design should be able to perform what its made for, nothing more, nothing less. It also should not hinder the shipping process and can protect the content well.

Remember, customers bought your product for the content itself, not for the packaging. A nice product packaging must have a strong visual on the outside, and able to explain the content so customers do not have to guess.


  1. Be honest

Do not create a deceive outer look. Your packaging design must present your product in the best possible way, without misleading customers. Yes, this may boost your sales, but at the end of the day, you will busy handling complaints from the disappointed and angry customers. So, make sure to create an honest one that speaks for itself.

  1. Mind your typography

It does not matter whether you want to sell your products online or in a physical store, the text that written on the packaging must be easy to read and see. Your target market also determines the size of your packaging text. If you aim for older people, then make it bigger.

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products

Do not forget to pay attention to your text color. It should blend nicely with your packaging’s background color.


  1. Aware of competition

Learn from your competitors. Study their packaging closely. What kind of design elements do they use? What color do they pick? How their design differ from each other? You also should take a look at your less successful competitors to see their flaws.


  1. Make it friendly for environment

Nowadays, more and more people become conscious of how the products their bought can affect the nature. That is why try to use a recyclable material for your packaging. Eye-catching plus eco-friendly packaging surely will help boost your sales.

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products


  1. Protect the content

Product packaging for the online store can be a bit more difficult than products for brick and mortar store. You need to build it as flexible and as strong as possible, so your product can survive in any kind of scenarios. The material needed and the design of the packaging may differ based on the variant of the product:

  • Envelope or paper

This packaging material can be used for a stronger product that will not get damaged even when you put it under the heavier item. You can use paper to package clothes, documents, letters, towel, books, etc.

  • Bubble wrap

This material can help dampening vibration, but not pressure. You can use it to wrap small electronic products like a smartphone or computer hardware like a motherboard.

Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Products


  • Styrofoam

Styrofoam is very light and flexible. You can get it in various kind of shapes, like boxes shape, sheet, or small balls. Styrofoam box is strong enough to withstand pressure and vibration. It is also waterproof. You can use it to packing big electronic products, eggs, glass products, and another fragile item.


  • Paperboard

Paperboard comes in different qualities and thickness. The thicker one is quite strong to handle pressure from outside. You can use paperboard together with styrofoam for maximum protection. A well-designed paperboard also can help raise your product’s beauty.


  • Wooden box

This one usually used as an extra protection and packaging, together with paperboard and/or styrofoam, especially for the delicate item like porcelain, ceramics, or expensive electronic products like TV and high-end computer.


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