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Bagasi is a local brand that offers suitcase products made with accuracy, tested components, and durability.

Bagasi Website


Build A First Milestone (or A stepping stone in digital)
In September 2020, Bagasi wanted to create an easier way for loyal customers to buy suitcases online. But instead of using a popular marketplace in Indonesia, they want to craft their official website. It was the first and most important milestone for Bagasi to build its home in the digital world through a website. An exciting project but also challenging at the same time. Our client wants to use this website around October 2020, so we have to develop it in just a month.
No problem exists without a solution. To make it faster, we redesigned a popular website template and used some extensions to give features that could help customers have the best shopping experience.


A Quick Win for Interactive Design
Since we only have a month to develop the website, our client decided to use an Argento template and redesign it based on their brand guideline. As requested, we changed the color to a combination of red, ivory, white, black, and a bit of yellow according to their brand color. Now they have a brand new website with a sleek and exciting design. We also add a banner slider, a slider to show off Bagasi product suitcases, and three block banners to present their categories faster.

Extensive Payment Options
One solution to growing the online business faster is accepting a wide range of local payment options. So, for Bagasi to elevate its customer experience through its website, we integrate the Xendit module to give a wide selection of payment options for customers on the checkout page.
And now, Bagasiku accepts payment from customers through bank transfers, credit cards, installment payments, over-the-counter payments, and e-wallets like OVO.

Shipping Method Integration
Shipping method options are essential for increasing conversions and sales. We add our Lime Courier module to give shipping options from the popular courier services in Indonesia. Bagasiku now provides JNE and J&T couriers to serve its customers.

Instagram Feed Integration
Clients want to add their Instagram feed to their website’s footer to make it more attractive. The IG feed presents eight recent posts below the social media buttons and newsletter field.
Bagasi Website

An Effort to Get Close with the Customers
Just having an e-commerce website is not enough for Bagasiku. They want to build connections that lead to engagement and establish long-term relationships with the customers and potential customers. So we install a newsletter extension from Mailchimp and a popup extension from Magepal to give an easy way to subscribe to the newsletter.

Easy and Faster Login
To fulfill their standard on the website registration, we add social media login that includes Google and Facebook. These are the most popular login options in Indonesia and will give customers a faster registration experience.

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