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Challenge is an online ecommerce selling Furnitures across Indonesia. They are located in Tangerang, Indonesia, but ship all across the country. Their mission is to put give the best price to consumer through transparent pricing for their products. BeliFurniture team come to us looking for ways to improve their current Magento store. They need a mobile friendly design to cater for the notable 35% visitor from mobile to the site. They also want us to do an estimate of shipping cost of their products to all cities in Indonesia. Shipping furniture require a cargo company not the standard mail delivery so this is a new challenge for us.


Web Design
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After a click analysis with CrazyEgg, we noticed that the full page banner have really low click rates, instead search, product categories, and contact us are the most clicked part of the home page. So we move it up for easy access. The client really wants to optimize for speed, so we decided to go with a separate mobile website instead of responsive design. The concern was that the speed of Indonesian Internet was not fast during 2014. Mobile design allow us to optimize the size of the image for mobile and for normal size. Things have changed and for today we would generally recommend responsive design. Cargo Shipping Price Estimate

  • Input prices of all cargo companies that can deliver the product. Cargo companies use pricelist, no API. So we need a standard interface to add and edit shipping prices.
  • Input average volume or weight of products from each categories. Average volume or weight is needed to avoid the need to measure every single item. Each category calculated either by weight or volume.
  • Calculate shipping price by using average volume of the products multiplied by the cargo companies that can deliver rate to destination cities. We multiply the volume and weight to each cargo companies, the one that gives the best price, got shown on the product page as it is the cheapest price possible for costumer.
  • IP Based Location Estimator We pointed out that it would be great if when a user accessing the site from city A can see an estimate of the shipping price from our cargo shipping estimate. We bought a database of ip to city estimator from a trusted location database provider, and we implement that. The site automatically set the city based on the location you access it from, unless you have change and pick a city. The result was pretty good, it is accurate about 70% of the time, and when it is not, it’s not that far off from the real location. In the end, it increases the number of purchases from outside the capital city. Extension Used

  • Aschroder SMTP Pro
  • Follow Up Email by Lime
  • Cargo Shipping Price Estimate by Lime
  • Indonesian Payment Confirmation by Lime
  • IP Based Location Estimator
  • AOE Scheduler
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