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Creating an interactive website design for Bramble – a wholesale custom furniture brand

Bramble Furniture is an online manufacturer and wholesaler of custom furniture founded in 1992.
The website brings an engaging shopping experience by allowing dealers and interior designers to conveniently choose products from various styles, from traditional to contemporary, with a safe and secure transaction guarantee.

Bramble Furniture Website


Bramble Furniture as an online furniture retailer, needed a website that allows distributors to choose products varying from classic to modern designs. That’s why Bramble needs an incredible visual experience to convince the distributor to make orders at Bramble. Besides, Bramble also offers a broad range of products, so it needs a website that can accommodate customers to access it engagingly so they can convert it into sales.

Bramble Furniture Website


360 Rotations
We get a challenge to develop a feature that can accommodate many complex products on their Magento backend and present it beautifully on the frontend. The furniture will be different if we see it from a 2D perspective. So, we decided to use 360 rotation to create an engaging and credible e-commerce website by developing a feature to show their products in 3D. The 3D products will also have a lot of child products that can be added to the shopping cart and purchased by the customers.

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The Swatches
We developed personalized swatches for every attribute of the product. The customer can make a customized item based on their preferences. If unsatisfied with the product, they can simply change the color or texture before it’s generated by our client and send it to the customer.
Not just the attribute but the product’s price will follow based on the customized product. By doing this method, the customer will be able to calculate their budget.

Bramble Furniture Website
Animated Product
As we said before, to make it more engaging, we also added Javascript so that the product can be animated. Also, this Javascript is integrated with all those features above. Even though they are not in the physical store, Bramble’s customers can still observe the product, customize it, and purchase it based on what they need.

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