Web Developer: Progressive Web App

Web Developer: Progressive Web App


23 July 2018

By limenotlemon

Reach More Audiences

I think web agencies start to become digital agencies and create more than just a website now. They start to give a chance to app developers as well. The web developer will create a website and integrate it with the mobile app. But now we have another option. It’s called a website app. It’s quite simple because you can access an app without downloading it to your phone. You can add an ‘app’ in front of the main site address, and you can access all features provided by the web developer to create a progressive web app.
progressive web app

The Values of Progressive Web App

The web app is different from a mobile app. You don’t have to download it to your mobile phone. You only need your browser and an internet connection. There is a lot of huge company that also use this progressive web app for its audience. If you don’t have any room left on your phone, then the web app is the key.
For example, Starbucks, Twitter, Tinder, Forbes, and other companies use mobile apps. Although the main website is still there, the web developer offers a different approach for the audience. It has a simpler interface than the main website and still gives the best experience in providing all features possible.
Even Google also uses this approach, although they have already become the world’s most famous search engine. I think this is way better than just creating an ordinary website that has a responsive design. The mobile web app is the new generation for the citizen of the world.

New Skill Included

Web developers (or call it a web app developer from now on) will bring parity between a website and native apps. Progressive Web Apps bring features we expect from native apps to the mobile browser experience in a way that uses standards-based technologies and run in a secure container accessible to anyone on the web.
Web Developer Progressive Web App
And of course, a web developer will need to learn more about this approach, especially if they will integrate it with other platforms like the main website or the native mobile app.

Add to Your Home Screen

Also, a mobile web app gives you a chance to create a quick-click home screen icon. You don’t have to open your mobile browser first to visit a web app. Click the shortcut and get the features right away.

Development Process

Website App Development

Website development has a long history than mobile web app development. We know web developer far before mobile app tries to take place in this world. Although the mobile web app era has just begun recently, we still can see web development has developed itself. Now an agency also has a service that provides you with a mobile web app full development.

Ionic Framework

Web Developer Progressive Web App
One of the frameworks that I recently learned is Ionic. The ionic framework has a native programming language that could help us build both iOS and Android devices. Luckily, it’s also a Progressive Web App programming language for people who want to create a mobile web app. So, we could reach more than one market. But of course, the development is completely different as well. Although it’s the same mobile app, the language used for iOS and Android are different.

The Progress is Real

You can find it on PWA stats. Ionic has compiled all companies that use the mobile web app approach for the prospective audience. I think it’s also your time now to think about developing your own. The better the mobile web app, it could lead you to the top and keep the competition’s pace.

Closing Thought

Web Developer Progressive Web App
A web mobile app is a new approach from a web developer that should come in the consideration list. A web developer should try to learn more about this. As well as the entrepreneur itself. They should find a way to reach another audience that uses a mobile browser. Reaching the audience needs more innovation. You can’t just use a simple approach if you want to win the battle. And I think the mobile web app is the innovative answer from the web developer.

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