Website Creator: Social Commerce in Marketing

Website Creator: Social Commerce in Marketing


15 February 2018

By limenotlemon

Social Commerce

Ask your website creator about social commerce, and you will find a new strategy to apply for your e-commerce store. But let’s talk about social media first. Because it’s related to the topic, we are going to discuss it.

The Giant Tentacles of Social Media

Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg? One influential person behind the gigantic Facebook, Instagram, and also Whatsapp. Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark and his 4 fellows. It was made to serve the people a platform that connects every single thing in their life. So when they are married, get hospitalized, find a birthday present, attend a graduation party, or anything, they will share it with their friends and significant others through Facebook.
Although there are other social media after Facebook or before Facebook itself, they do not allow people to run some business inside and share what people thought about a product they bought. But Facebook sees the opportunity and makes Facebook Business. A social media that is specific to business inquiries.
Facebook also bought Instagram and Whatsapp. And you know what? They also made Instagram specific for business purposes. Since that time, the reign of endorsement of an artist has become more popular than ever. Now you can get in touch with social media influencers on Instagram to make them promote your product. This is also a great approach to make the customer know that their idol uses your product.
Now, WhatsApp also tries to make a chatting platform named Whatsapp Business. Yes, Mark and his fellows want to conquer the market share from business people to stay at the top of the competition. The app was just released this February. I’m not doing some research into it yet, but from the app description, I could say that it was built for the business owner to chat with its customers. I don’t know what’s the difference between ordinary WhatsApp and the business one. Perhaps they will add some features like Facebook Messenger (yes, they made one for business purposes). Let me know if you already try it.
Twitter or other social media platforms. Otherwise, they don’t really fit for e-commerce stuff, and no need to consider it. Mostly, people will use Facebook and Instagram for business inquiries for now. I don’t know if there are more social media to join the competition in business market share. Perhaps there will be more.


But what if you already have a website for your e-commerce business? Is it necessary to set up a social media account as well? Is it efficient? The answer is yes. Social media is far more effective than making a huge marketing strategy that costs a lot of your budget. Now people want to hear other opinions about the product before they decide to buy it. Moreover, you will know what kind of product they talk about, and this data could lead you to make a way more effective ad campaign for specific and relevant audiences. Again, right on target and costs you less than hire some research guy to ask people.

Take Advantage of The Giant Tentacles

In a mission to win the competition, you have to wield the strongest weapon at your disposal. And it’s called social media. The giant tentacles like Facebook and Instagram will be very useful to take you to the highest level.
The problem is you have to master it first. Just like Kung Fu or other martial arts, you need to learn the basics of social media for business. After that, when the time is right, you will learn more about the special skill that you need to become an expert, a master.
You can learn from the Facebook courses that they provided. Whether you make your own website or hire some website creator to make it for you, you still have to learn it.

Magento Social

One of the most important things is to have people, the perfect website creator, alongside you. And what I mean perfect is they do have plenty of proven skills. Also, they need to use Magento because it’s an e-commerce software that is integrated with Facebook. Magento has built an integration system for social media named Magento Social. This is a terrific strategy to use.

Key Features

Here are some key features that are included in the Official Magento Social Info Sheet. You can also see it on the Magento Official Website. I only take these notes as your guide if you still lack confidence and are not convinced enough to use this kind of strategy. But it’s okay. Take your moment.
Streamlined Social Store Creation

  • Automatically create storefronts on leading social networks.
  • Engage with existing fans and attract new buyers.

Magento Digital Commerce Product Catalog Extraction

  • Seamlessly sync your Magento Digital Commerce product catalog.
  • Automatically keep products, descriptions, and prices up to date.

Simplified Ad Creation

  • Create and run targeted social ad campaigns with ease.
  • Automatically populate ad copy with product images and descriptions.

Intelligent Ad Optimization

  • Machine learning technology monitors the performance of your ads and budget
  • Automatically allocate ad spend toward best-performing products and categories

Simplified Third-Party Content Integration

  • Combine the power of Magento Social with Magento Business Intelligence to gain a holistic of your advertising ROL and uncover what is driving growth.

What if I don’t use Magento?

Fear not, my friend! Just relax! My friend is a website creator. You can hire some website creator or developer to migrate the data from your old website to your new Magento e-commerce website. You can ask them to install the Magento Social extension as well to your new e-commerce website. Therefore, you will get your new weapon in no time.
Ah yes, and the extension is free; you can download it for yourself or ask your website creator to download Magento Social for your e-commerce website.

Marketing Strategy

Using social media as your ingredient to compose your strategy will take a lot of time. It’s not only about integrating your e-commerce website and your social media. You and the website creator you hired also need to think about how the customers interact with each other. Sometimes you need to blend in and join their conversation.
Finally, you can increase your revenue by connecting your e-commerce store to Facebook. Who knows, will you connect it to your Instagram, Messenger, or even Whatsapp business in the future? Well, that’s escalated quickly!

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