Website Maker: Security is The First Priority

Website Maker: Security is The First Priority


12 February 2018

By limenotlemon

The World Full of Data

We all know that we live in a world full of data. Urban people accept change and struggle to keep their pace. Even suburban and rural people also start to join the digital civilization and rearrange their lifestyle into a modern one. I want to discuss a bit about the importance of website security systems for website makers.
As a website maker, they will see this as a chance to develop more websites and grow their business. But for hackers and people who want to see the world burns, they won’t stop destroying this new civilization. Instead, they will extort every single individual, sometimes blackmails them with their pressure point, and cause chaos in the digital world. Since that happened, the website maker has to burden and keep the client safe and sound.

Privacy and Security Concern

Cybercrime is one of the biggest crimes nowadays. Perhaps you can google the deep web to understand more about the dark side of the internet. The Deep web contains illegal products, irregular transactions, and any evil plot you couldn’t imagine.
Internet fraud is one of the most popular cybercrime as well, especially in the e-commerce field. The victim mostly is the people who still don’t learn yet about how the digital world works. They don’t know about do-and-don’t stuff. And sometimes, the fundamental problem is that they don’t even know how to start learning about it.
With all the problems in front of our eyes, yet sometimes we still unable to identify the lack of our security and let it be. For a client, cybercrime could lead to serious deprivation, even facing bankruptcy. And for website makers, the security problem could be a chance to make an awesome website with a well-developed security system. We know that design, development, content, and marketing are important parts of building e-commerce. At the same time, a well-developed security system could be your critical hit to knock out your competitors and entice people to become website maker’s clients. The security system could be your greatest prowess.
To make a good security system, the website maker has to know the main point of every e-commerce. So let’s talk a bit more about it.

Financial Detail

Who doesn’t like the money? We all are. I mean healthily. Since the digital era began, the programmer, entrepreneur, and some government started developing digital money. Instead of hold the money with our hand, we provided a bunch of data that said how much money we had in our digital wallet.

Private Information

Private information is needed to make an account. When we made a Gmail, we spend our time entering our real name (sometimes fake), birthday, and many more. These pieces of information become like gold in this digital era. That’s why you need to think twice before you give every detail about yourself.
If you search for something on the internet, days later, you will see some ad with exactly what you had searched in the last couple of days. Your private information you shared, whether it’s accidental or on purpose, is being kept in the Google server and sometimes will be bought by people who want your private data.
The bad guy also uses fishy things like SQL injection, XXS, and many more. You will understand more if you learn about hacking. But for advice, please use it wisely. And now I will talk about the security system you can implement in your e-commerce store.

Learn from Market Leader

PIN Code

Most websites don’t use PIN Codes like an app. They tend to use 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. I will talk about the 2FA later, but we still use it in our mobile phones, apps, and even our digital wallet for this PIN Code security system. For some e-commerce stores, the digital wallet is a good strategy to make the customer stay and buy again if the customer had the chance. But because it’s risky, there are a few cases that the money in your digital wallet gets stolen by the bad guy. This is true, and you can find the news on the internet. Just take a look once. That’s why some app in Play Store and Apple Store use PIN Code to guard their money.


2FA or Two-factor authentication, a security method developed in approximately 2011, is a method for the customer to keep their accounts safer than just using a username and password. It’s an extra wall from people who perhaps already know our username and password. If we activate this method, we, and only we, provided with a unique code that sends to our email or via SMS. For now, this is the powerful method in every single security system of an e-commerce store.

Education and Regulation

Unfortunately, the methods above will be useless if the education and regulation do not support the people who use the methods. Education and regulation from the government are also two important pieces to complete the whole security system. Educated people tend to keep their private information instead of sharing it publicly without even notice they are all under surveillance.
Website makers need to consider educating people who are still new about e-commerce and stuff, particularly for individuals who are not aware of cybercrime. The website maker could privacy and security guides for its client and the customer when they develop the website. And for regulation, it depends on the government. If the government is well-educated and starts using online transactions or e-money, I think they will set some new regulations to save the whole e-commerce system and other business platforms.


FYI, security is not only about the website itself. Website makers could also ask the CEO to consider providing the original product and a sophisticated delivery system to enhance the whole security system. This could create an image that the web agency and its client have put security as the priority. Yet, they don’t forget to do good about the design and content management of the website—an extra value to keep you in the competition.
As final, I will say that security is an important part of making a good website. From a website maker standpoint, the team could build a website with good design and awesome content, yet they need to develop a strong security system. From the client’s standpoint, the person also needs to concrete the whole workflow of his/her business to know the leak of the security system.

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