Website Management in E-Commerce Business

Website Management in E-Commerce Business


28 June 2018

By limenotlemon

What is Website Management?

We will find website management, not just an e-commerce site, but also in another business model like news, streaming platform, and anything that use a website as their business media. The website management is vital and controls all kind of projects from the first time the website goes live. I will split it into specific management later, but let’s talk about why we should do website management.

Why All Entrepreneurs Need Website Management?

There are two kinds of website management. The first one is you do with your own team. Simply, you do all the work, from creating content, solving issues, manage orders, accounting, updating website security, and many other things.
On the other hand, the second one takes place where someone hires another company to manage their e-commerce website. For some people, this is more efficient since you don’t have to waste your time on that. Mostly, people that use website management service are people who use a website as their secondary media or use that to support the main business. Also, people who don’t have enough player on their team use this service as well.

Content Management

Website Management in E-Commerce Business
Content management in website management is the front line of the troops. They manage all banners, product page, featured product, and even creating videos for marketing purpose. The customers will be bored if the contents have no regular update. That’s why content management is quite vital. Not just merely update the website, content manager also need to think about the concept. Variables like customer behavior, current event, related moment, human resource, schedule, and budget. The content manager also has to choose whether they should use images, words, short video, music or anything.
Mostly, content manager will create specific and dedicated content on the homepage. Since it’s the first page that you will see when you visit a website. Banner is the easiest and most used media to present the content. It’s big, attractive, and shows a vital information about the e-commerce site.

Website Security

website security
It’s 2018 now and every year we are facing threat from everywhere. Anything that related to money always has security issues, even on the internet. Fraud is everywhere, whether you are using conventional currency or cryptocurrency.
According to WebARX, when they dive into the data and talk about different countries the most targeted ones in February were the sites hosted in the United States with 18 729 hacks in total. Indonesia and South Africa follow with 4679 and 4441 websites. Their data has shown that the amount of .de sites have been decreased and we have detected 1268 attacks targeted to German websites in February 2018.
Moreover, we are in the e-commerce business now, where people sell and purchase products every single day. Even the seller could be a bad guy if we don’t update the website security correctly. Website security needs to be updated regularly. And obviously, it would affect the customer satisfaction and trust.

Website Development and Maintenance

transparent website maintenance
Other supportive aspects of website management are development and maintenance. Developing new extension, new feature, and maintaining current feature on the website. Sometimes there will be bug, broken links, wrong images, bad design, and other minor issues. Yet sometimes we face a major issue like a broken server. It would be hard if you face a major problem when you still you have a lot of orders and invoices. Regular checking and maintenance are needed for a better customer experience.


Website management is needed for all people who use website. And in website management, you will face some tasks like content management, website security, and also website development or maintenance.
To do all those things, if you don’t have any website developer in your e-commerce team, then you will need to hire a website agency to manage your site. Whether you are just maintaining the server, updating the security system, developing a new feature, creating a better design or even provide regular contents every month. It’s all based on your needs.
If you don’t find any website agency yet, you can ask LimeCommerce and discuss your problems. We don’t do accounting or financial support, but we can provide a technical solution for debugging your website regularly. Also, we can provide an hourly payment system to serve based on your needs. So it’s quite easy and no need too much signing for the work.
Simply, drop us a line anytime you want.

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