YouTube Channel: Filming E-Commerce Store

YouTube Channel: Filming E-Commerce Store


14 September 2018

By limenotlemon

Vlog Virus

YouTube has become more popular these days. After the first video that shows a guy in a zoo, now we can watch any kind of videos on our mobile phone. And not just watching, we can create a channel, upload our video, and get more viewers as well. Mostly, ordinary people will use it to post their vlog (video blog). But what if you can use the YouTube channel to film your e-commerce store promotion? I think it would be awesome and more attractive than just using a simple banner or else.

Successful Advertising Using YouTube



A blenders producer named BlendTec has a short video about a guy blending an iPhone. Yes, you don’t hear it wrong. It shows a simple method for us to learn that the blender is strong enough to blend your precious iPhone. Seven months ago, they even do a blender experiment for an iPhone X. Something you wouldn’t do in your home or your personal YouTube channel because it will cost your life. Moreover, you wouldn’t waste your own iPhone to give it a try, right? That’s why the BlendTec creates a YouTube channel and do the experiment.


Do anyone knows about a useless box kit that made by ThinkGeek? If you have no idea, you can try to visit the video first. It’s a simple (mostly stupid) box that has been made by the engineer of ThinkGeek. Long story short, when you hit the button to turn it on, something like hand will show up from inside the box and hit the button again to make it off. Even if you do this several times, it will still urge to turn off the button. So, I think it’s quite unique, creative, but somewhat stupid.
Yet, we can still be entertained by the video. And actually, it works and let the customer knows and interested to understand more about ThinkGeek. Despite the stupid useless box kit.

Features for E-Commerce YouTube Channel

Now You Can Post a Simple Sneak Peek with Element of Surprise

Using a sneak peek before the main promotion let your customer wonder. It grows their attention and curiosity. Make your sneak peek at a mystery, but still solvable. A good mystery is solvable but not obvious. So that the customer could guess the next promotion and feel proud because they can answer it right.

Variant of YouTube

People can watch your videos on their mobile phone and even now we have more than one YouTube app. Recently, Google has released YouTube Go, YouTube Kids, YouTube gaming and more. The mobile app is specific for some people who want to watch a vlog about a game all day or just play a random kid song on YouTube Kids.
YouTube Channel Filming E-Commerce Store
My point is we can make use of this as our weapon to target the market. For example, if you want to sell toys for children, then you should learn and use the YouTube Kids instead of the main YouTube app. It could help you to analyze how the parents would react if you make a video about your toys.

Becoming a Content Creator

To become a content creator, you should brainstorm the theme of your content. Is it a comedy? Skit? Drama? Tutorial? Or something else? It’s all up to you. Yet, make sure your content is still related to both your product and customer. It would be a waste if the content is related to your product, but the customer has no idea about it.


If you want to make a simple vlog or filming with a low budget, then you should learn the basics of cinematography. It will help you to stabilize your video, watch from a different angle, and run the video based on the script.


camera for youtube
For the videos, mostly you will take three steps before uploading a video to your YouTube channel. The first is scripting, next is filming, and the final phase is editing. Creating a YouTube channel is not as easy as you think. The process is more than just signing your google account up and upload all footages. You need to set up your camera as well. Laptop for editing, a microphone to give a better sound in your video and more. You can find any tutorial to start your filming on other YouTube channels.

Upload Time

Mostly, a media like this will get you some insight to analyze. Make sure your upload time is relevant with your viewers. To make it simple, upload your videos when the parent is ready to watch. If not, the viewers will not significant enough.


Don’t forget that your views could be monetized. But I think it’s a bonus. The most important thing is to gather more viewers, presenting your real products, and increase your sales. Your e-commerce website still numbers on of the whole business.

Final Thought

When I said that YouTube is a good platform to increase your sale, it doesn’t mean the works will be as easy as uploading a random video to your channel. It cost you more than that. Analyze all the points that I have mentioned before. Create a nice content and redirect your customer back to your e-commerce website. And you will be a good content creator.

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