Mobile App Development: Company Inspection

Mobile App Development: Company Inspection


11 January 2019

By limenotlemon

Inspection is always about throwing yourself into the field and review anything manually. But what if you can inspect your staff automatically. I think you will need a mobile app that could do a company inspection.

For now, paper-based inspection is history. Too expensive, require unnecessary back and forth, and need a lot of work from the office to the job site. That’s why we need to create an app to help the Inspection process for construction work. The manager could monitor the whole process of the project even if he/she in the office. The inspector also could send the report to the manager via a mobile app. All things have done automagically.

Talking about Inspection

What is Inspection?

Inspection is monitoring, evaluating, and reporting a project to its stakeholder. If the project runs well, you just need to report it to your manager. But if it turns out bad, you will need to inspect the problem, which one needs more focus, and report it to your manager to get more insight. Also, a manager will evaluate the plan and give the next decision.

Paper-based Inspection

paper-based company inspectionAt first, creating a task for your staff and review the whole work afterward will take a lot of time. A company will use the paper-based inspection to control all the workloads from staff. But since now we have internet connection and technology advancement, the pace in every company is changing quickly.

Feature You Will Need

Before the development, we should take a moment to analyze the project first. Let’s break down the process. In general, the process of every company will be creating the project and assign the project to their staff. Every staff will have their own id. Every project will also be assigned to every specific staff. So, at least you will need some features for making a project, creating multiple accounts, assigning the project to the inspector, and also doing inspection and report.

The Beginning of Development

Create a Project and Assign Work to Your Staff

The first feature will be creating a project. The manager or project owner should be able to create it in the mobile app. The project will be posted to every account. If the manager is ready to assign the project, they will add a particular inspector to the project. The inspector will be notified in real-time and work on the project right away.

Data Capture and Report Generation

reportCaptured data and photographs wirelessly and automatically upload to the cloud-based application, which you can then incorporate into PDF client reports or management reports with a single click. The report should be based on a question. The inspector could answer yes-or-no questions and give a simple explanation about the project. It can also add photos to related questions if necessary. So that the manager could understand empirically.

To make it more personal and professional, maybe we can add a small space to create a signature box below the inspection report. Just in case the manager needs verification for the report, the signature and ID will tell the real identity.

Graphic, Stats, and Archive

archiveThe report should not be abandoned after the project ends. It should be archived in a safe place where your competitor can’t interfere. To make a faster review and monitoring, we will need graphics and stats to show up on the homepage. Therefore, if the manager only has five minutes to monitor, he/she still can do it by observing the graph and stats.

Security System

On the other hand, we also need to think about the security system. Since most projects of the company need to be kept a secret. There are competitors that want the data to tackle them. Along with the archive system and ID recognition, you can also use OTP (One Time Password) if necessary. Just in case if you are in the middle of a big competition and need an extra security system inside your inspection app.

Final Word for Company Inspection

Long story short, the inspection app is a big resolution for a company. If we can get rid of the paper-based report, the company can move and grow faster than before. And like any other app, every development needs a developer. The only question is when we start developing it. How about you?

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