11 Tips Magento Theme For Better Your E-commerce

11 Tips Magento Theme For Better Your E-commerce


31 January 2017

By limenotlemon

11 Tips to Choose The Best Magento Theme

It is not hard to find a beautiful and functional theme for your Magento store. The theme is one of the most important aspects when you want to build a new Magento store. With that wide range of choices, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose. Magento is a flexible platform with limitless features. If you are looking for a new theme to buy, then there are some points which you need to keep in mind

1. Look for a user-friendly interface

A simply fabulous theme is not enough. A good Magento theme also should be user-friendly and can bring out maximum shopping experiences for all your customers. Magento always has the cleanest and easiest to use interface.
Before you pick a theme, make sure it easy to navigate and has easy to use buttons. Yes, you surely want your theme to be an interactive one, but at the same time it should be simple to use too, so your customers like to stay and browse in your online store.

2. Compatible with any kind of browser

A good theme should be compatible with any browsers and any devices without sacrifice its functions. There is no guarantee that all of your customers will visit your website by using the same browser or device, right?
Usually, themes which you can get from a popular theme provider were made to be fully compatible with any kind of browsers and devices. If you plan to hire a developer to create a customized theme for you, ask them to create a fully compatible one. Either way, that theme will be completely useless.

3. Loading speed

Speed always become one of the most common issues you will get when it comes to the online store. That is why you need to make sure the theme you want to buy or build does not contain any heavy graphic, unnecessary features, or other things which can affect your website’s speed. A decent website should load less than 5 seconds for every page. In fact, an ideal site should load less than 2 seconds.
Any website which needs longer time than that can not be considered as an user-friendly site. Not to mention, your site will get penalized by the search engine system for a slow loading time and it will affect your rank in search engine result. Most people will simply abandon a website with slow loading time. They will not come back at all, and in the worst case, they will tell other people about their “bad experience” in your website, makes you lose even more customers.

4. Theme customization

This is one of the most important options you need to consider for your Magento theme. There is always a possibility for your business to grow larger than now. Customization allows your website to be able to adapt with your growing business and use new functions to follow the trend.
Even the prettiest theme can become out of fashion with time. You need practical tools to customize your theme’s layout or colors so you can save more of your time, money and energy rather than spend money to get a whole new theme again. With it, you do not have to worry anymore.

5. Compatible with the newest version and the version after

As an open source platform, Magento always improves from time to time. If you want to take all the advantages Magento has to offer, then you must adapt to its newest version. However, keep in mind that it is almost impossible to reuse theme for Magento 1.x version to the 2.x version. There are simply too many different structures between them.
It is true that there is a code migration tool which allows you to modified a theme to make it usable in Magento 2, but only an experienced developer can use it.

6. Responsive design support

This is an era where people spend more time with their mobile gadget rather than PC or laptop. That is mean, people are getting used to browsing the internet via their gadget. That is why your Magento theme must get mobilized too.
A responsive theme will make it easier for you to approach more mobile users and mobile shoppers. I am pretty sure you already heard about how the market is expanding now. A theme which is compatible for mobile was made for a narrow screen resolution. With that limited space, you need to be able to manage all contents so they will not look messy, especially the home page part.
Single column homepage for phone layout and a double or triple column for tablet layout. Keep in mind that it never a good idea to present too much information on your homepage. A good homepage will act as a roadmap for your customers, it will only show necessary things like important sale information, featured product, etc. You need to stay focus and avoid confuse your customers.
In the desktop version, you can have a large drop down menu with all your product categories inside, but you can not do the same for mobile and tablet version. As a good store owner, you want to make sure all your customers can navigate their way easily when they visit your mobile store. This is where the off-canvas menu can give a great benefit for you. Make sure your theme has this function.

7. Social media share button

I am pretty sure all of you already know the importance of social media share button. Social media is a great place to promote your business. If people like your product or service and share your website willingly, that is mean you will get an effective and free promotion from them.
However, keep in mind that not all Magento themes come with this useful button. Also, not all themes are able to share images in social medias.

8. Banner and product promotion

This theme’s feature is important to highlight popular product, special services, the product on sale, special monthly offers, etc. When you are looking for theme, make sure it has banner and product promotion feature, and whether they are placed in the right place or not

9. Search for theme with decent look and feel

The visual effect is always mattered when it comes to theme. Your theme should be able to give a long-lasting first impression in the eye of the customers. Feel free to take as much time as you need at this stage. Your theme’s visual effect would depend on what product you sell.
For example, if you sell toys for kids, then it would be the best to choose a theme with bright colors which represent young age. If you sell handmade products, theme with pastel colors and willowy lines will be the best choice.
If you do not have any idea what to choose, you can take a peek at other’s website with similar products as yours, and learn something new from them. Taking a peek is free, as long as you do not totally copy their style.

10. SEO-friendly theme

The core for Magento itself is already SEO friendly, but what about the theme? Of course, your theme also should follow the standard coding practice in order to attract the search engine system, right? That is why you need to make sure whether your time was built-in a clean code and whether it was organized in the term of HTML/CSS or not.
This is very important if you wish to get a high drive of traffic into your site. In order to get a high search result rank, your website must have an appealing visual feature, user-friendly layout, and contains unique content. Even with all those simple rules, many websites out there failed because they do not perform the standard SEO practices.
Get a full support, upgrade and maintenance from the theme’s creator
It is important for you and your business to work together with a reliable company with a good reputation and skills. You need to know how supportive the theme’s developer it. Try to send some general questions with several different accounts and see how long it takes for them to answer all your questions.
Some support comes free, while you need to pay the others. Keep in mind that free support does not mean you can get it anytime you need it. For a complex or large modification, you will need a professional help from an experienced developer.
11. In-build blog
It is not a secret that blog has become one of the most important part in online store nowadays. In order to reach high-ranking in the search engine result, you need to post  a unique fresh content every single day in your website. A theme with in-build blog means that you do not have to worry about blog problem anymore.
Those are some tips to choose the best theme for your Magento store. In the end, the ultimate choice will lie solely on your own hand. If you still do not have any idea what theme to choose, then do not have to worry. There are many Magento developer experts out there, and they are always happy to help you as long as you are willing to pay them. A full-stack Magento developers are not just understand programming words, most of them also know how to create an appealing and beautiful visual effect for your online store.
No matter what you choose in the end, be sure to make your decision carefully after you consider all the requirements, so you will not regret your decision later.

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