6 Best Official Magento Themes

6 Best Official Magento Themes


10 January 2018

By limenotlemon

Internet of Things

As 2018 roll-on, we see plenty of e-commerce websites spread like mushrooms. Tons of innovation applied to their website. Lazada, the first e-commerce website developed in Southeast Asia by Alibaba Group, is spread to more than 5 countries in that region. Since the Internet of Things era begins, e-commerce, online business, and online transactions are also growing and thriving.
While the shopping lifestyle has increased, citizens of the world who want to run their own business are also getting bigger—especially those e-commerce websites. Easy to search, easy to use, anywhere, anytime, with just some click and debit or credit card, we can transfer money and get our most needed products on hand. We also share some reviews.
These user experience begin with the website design itself. People will design their website beautifully to give the best user experience. Simple, clean, informative, full color or design will be based on their markets. You need to set your goals first before making a design. But what if you are ready to make your own website? I think you should take this one.

Meet Magento

If you are ready to start your e-commerce website, then Magento is your answer to ease your first try. Wait, but why Magento? Magento is the best platform to make your e-commerce website. With a flexible feature set, effortless customization, and thousands of marketplace extensions, you can create a site for any industry or customer segment with ease.
Magento is also an open-source platform. With its flexibility, you can make the most beautiful website design based on your imagination. Feel free to try something new. No other platform gives you the power to create a unique, limitless, and engaging shopping experience. If you want to take an easy step for your first trial, let me explain this one.
For now, I want to explain the website themes that Magento provided. Since it’s one of the easiest ways to make your own e-commerce website, then you should consider differentiating your e-commerce website. If you want to sell fashion products, then a boutique-style website theme is fit for you. Or if you want to sell manufactured products, the informative one will satisfy your visitors. And soon they will be your customers or even loyal customers.
So are you ready? No? You never design any website before? You are not an IT guy who sits on a chair for almost 12 hours a day? Therefore, you need to read more because I will give you six options that you can consider for your first e-commerce website.

6 Magento Themes You Need To Know

Sure ICT Fashion Store

Fashion Store is a highly responsive, stylish, and fashionable theme for Magento 2, ideal for creating a fashion store, gift shop, mobile store, clothing store, fashion industry-related project, or any other type of e-store. The theme has an amazing design that will surely capture visitors’ attention; this will increase your e-commerce sales and traffic.

Template Master Absolute Theme

The absolute theme has been at the top of Magento’s most popular free themes for the last 4 years. Now, this highly professional template is available for Magento 2. It was developed with the latest Magento 2 trends. This awesome template offers a lot of options to fit your e-commerce requirements. Being responsive, it will look awesome on different types of mobile devices.

Wetpixel Pearl Responsive Theme

Pearl Theme is perfect for the fashion industry with a clean and modern design used by fashion leaders. It is unique with its clean design and the great variety of admin control options for front-end styling. We’ve included the most important elements for a fashion website, including modern lookbooks, sliders to showcase collections, parallax, perfectly spaced elements where the images can tell the product story.

Magenest Rope Responsive Theme

The rope theme for Magento 2 by Magnet is a multi-purpose theme that allows merchants to create a universal design that can suit any brand, company, or organization. Store owners do not need to be experienced web developers to build a decent website and packed with trendy design features. Also, the theme offers fully responsive, supports multiple browsers, and is optimized for SEO. Magnet’s Rope theme will give your store a beautiful appearance that helps you attract and retain your customers.

Magenest Couture Fashion – Responsive Theme

Couture Fashion theme for Magento 2 is a new theme for your fashion online store, perfect for modern clothing and fashion brands, modeling agencies, and other related businesses requiring a powerful, attractive web presence. This multi-purpose theme is cross-browser compatible, fully responsive, and SEO friendly. Couture Fashion theme is easily customizable and easy to maintain, making it a pleasure to work with. The theme performs beautifully on all devices, with smooth animations and optimum speed.

BelVG Home Design

Home Design Theme is created for Interior Decor, Furniture, Wood, and other elements to give your home a comfortable and warm atmosphere. An amazing Slider on the product page gives your customers the ability to get a complete overview of each interior element before making a purchase. Big size images on a product page give a feeling of product tangibility, which is important for online sales.
Actually, all that overview of Magento themes is also available on The Official Site of Magento. I want you to know the most important part of every official Magento themes that they provided. But if you want to understand more, you can try to dive into their Magento Official Site and find your own best Magento themes, just for you.

Implement Your Vision

Magento Themes
Although you already have options for your website design, I still have another option for you. If you are still having trouble applying the Magento themes, you can choose to hire a professional web designer and developer like LimeCommerce. We will provide you the best design and theme for your first e-commerce website. We use Magento 2 as well, obviously. So feel free to choose what fits you the most. But if you want to take the easiest way, just let us know.

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