7 Tips for Magento SEO

7 Tips for Magento SEO


31 January 2017

By limenotlemon

7 SEO Tips for Magento E-commerce

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can become something which will make your online store grows bigger or destroy it instead. SEO is one of the most important aspects to attract more customers and retain them for as long as possible. SEO is not only for E-commerce, but it is a fact that doing SEO for E-commerce is harder than doing SEO for a normal website. That is because E-commerce may contain thousand or even more product listing. In order to optimize SEO for E-commerce, you need to follow the best practice.
As an online business owner, you need to face double-edged sword every single day. You can reach out to more customers. More and more people go online every day, that is mean, more and more potential customers will appear for your business. However, due to this large amount of available customers, other people besides you will take this opportunity and start their own business as your competitor.
If you have your own online business, then attracting more customers should become your number one priority. That is why SEO is one of the aspects you need to consider as a webmaster for your own online store.
It is true that Magento is known as one of the most search engines friendly platform system. However, in order to raise your sales, even more, there are some methods which you can use and implement in your online store to reach an even higher place in the search engine result rank. Those methods are known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
You can not avoid any mistakes when it comes to SEO. This is especially true if you think that reaching a place in page one Google search result is still not enough. To increase your website traffic and sales, you can not afford less than top three results.
SEO tips for Magento
So, why SEO is important for the E-commerce website?

  • SEO is perfect for an initial growth plan with low cost

Building an E-commerce website without managing its SEO is the same as throwing a bunch of money out of the window. You make your website become invisible whenever someone looking for something which similar with the products in your online store.

When your site can not be found in the search result, fewer people will know about your online store, and fewer people will buy your product. Meanwhile, your competitors with good SEO can attract more customers, sell more products and grow stronger and stronger every single day, leave you behind alone.

  • SEO is perfect for an initial growth plan with low cost

In this highly competitive era, spend money for traffic will cost you quite some fortunes. If you have your own effective SEO, you do not need to waste any money for that. Yes, you are free to pay ads if you want, but that will not be mandatory. This is especially useful if you have a tight finance.

Organic traffic from your SEO is free and available anytime. You do not need to “pay per click” like those ads. This is also one of the main reason why SEO popularity is never died out even after all these years. Most successful E-commerce always prioritize their SEO since the very beginning.

  • SEO effect is a long lasting one

SEO does not only offer an effective and organic result for your search result rank, but the result also can last for a quite long time. If you use a paid ads, the result will stop when you decide to stop paying the ads. SEO will keep giving you a result, day and night, all years long.

SEO keeps growing stronger bit by bit. You can keep repeating your usual SEO methods or try a new ones until you get what you want.

1.Using Magento SEO Optimizer
As one of the most search engine friendly platform, Magento comes with its own SEO optimizer options. Before you use them, the very first thing which you need to do is to make sure the Magento you use now is the latest version.  Then, go to admin panel, choose System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engine Optimization. Set “No” for “Add Store Code to URLs”. This option will prevent store codes to get added into the URLs.
SEO Limecommerce
Under the “Search Engine Optimization” tab, set “Yes” to the “Use Web Server Rewrites”. Setting this option to Yes will remove index.php from your URLs thus create a more search engine friendly URLs.
SEO Limecommerce
Now, go to System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Heads. Set “INDEX,FOLLOW” in the Default Robot option. This way, the search engine can index your website faster.
SEO Limecommerce
Fill in the title and description for your pages inside the Default Title and Default Description fields. Fill in these fields will ensure none pages will leave empty without any description. A page with blank description will be harder to index.
SEO Limecommerce
Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization and set “No” to the Use Categories Path for Product URLs. This is to avoid duplication in your URLs.
SEO Limecommerce
Set “Yes” to the Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Products in order to prevent the system from generating duplicate content when you decide to show the same products in multiple categories.
SEO Limecommerce
2. Do Your Research
You need to analyze various data, research keywords and implement the right SEO methods based on your findings. Failing to find the right method means that you can say goodbye to that first position in Google search result.
First, you can do your own SEO audit. Do a comprehensive audit process to find all your SEO problems. Pay attention to your entire site, especially your product pages. Product pages usually contain the most mistakes and the most critical ones for your SEO performance. You can use SEO tool to crawl your links, images, script, CSS and apps to check redirect, duplicate content, missing tags and other common issues.
Next, do a keyword research. This is one of the most important puzzle pieces in SEO. Using the proper keywords on your product pages will greatly help attract more customers and increase your sales. It is always a good idea to choose long-tail keywords which relevant with your products.
Last, check your competitor. If your competitor has a higher rank than you in the search result, see what kind of keywords they use for their SEO. Choose keywords which you want to compete with. If they got their quality inbound links from the third party, you may want to consider to hire them too.
3. Proper Product’s Name and Description
The big online store usually has a large catalog with loads of products. Now, how they make their customers buy something with that large selection of products?
SEO Limecommerce
You need to customize your product’s name and description instead of using the description from the manufacturer. This is actually one of the most common mistakes you can find in many online stores. If you use the same description, the search engine will see it as a duplicate content, thus refuse to index your website. Your website may get penalized too. That is why always try to create a unique but relevant product’s name and description for your catalog.
4. Blog with High-Quality Content
The blog always become one of the best tools to bring more traffic to your website. You are free to write anything in your blog. It does not have to always be about your product, you also can make articles about latest news, fun fact, or any trend tropics to burst your traffic even more. It surely will help to make your website to become a little bit more famous than before.
The latest Magento version comes with their own inbuilt blog. If you do not like it, you also can create a separate blog with WordPress or another platform.
5. Encourage Product Review
SEO Limecommerce
That is one of the funniest product reviews which you can find on Amazon. Yes, Amazon always focuses so much on their product review. Do you have any idea why? That is because a product review, especially an honest and positive one is the best organic traffic drive you can get.
A new customer who wants to buy a particular product for the very first time usually will depend on the review. That is why it will be recommended for you to encourage your customers to write a review about the product they just bought.
6. Optimize Your Website’s Speed
More and more people now prefer to use their mobile to go online shopping and browsing website. As a website owner, you need to make sure every each of your Magento website pages has a fast loading speed and fully responsive, to give a maximum experience for your customers.
People usually will leave a website if its loading speed more than 5 seconds. That is why you can get more traffic with a faster website. The search engine like Google always gives their priority to a fast loading site.
7. Take Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords
This kind of keywords usually used for search phrases which contain more than 3 words. People who use that kind of search phrase know exactly what they are looking for. If you optimize your product pages with this kind of keywords, you can attract more customers and convert people who are ready to buy.
Those are some SEO methods which you can implement in your Magento online store. You need to consider SEO as an effective yet a worthwhile investment. SEO always changing from time to time, and it is almost impossible to write down all the methods in one single article. Keep doing your research if you are interested in SEO.

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