An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9

An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9


31 January 2017

By limenotlemon

Easy Way to Add Products in Magento

Whether you are a website developer or a business owner who want to expand your business by reaching worldwide customers, knowing what’s the best E-commerce platform to use is a must. Magento is one of the most loved E-commerce platform out there. Of course, there are many good reasons why people like this open source platform.

If you decide to choose Magento as your platform, then at least you have to know how to use and manage it properly, right?

That is why, in this Magento tutorials we will tell you how to upload products in Magento 1.9.

The very first thing you have to do is, of course, log in into your Magento admin area. Make sure you type the correct username and password.

An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9

After that, you will see your Magento admin panel area. On the upper part, you can see some tabs. If you want to add a new product, move your cursor to catalog tab, and click manage product.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
If you already added one or more products, you can see them in manage product page. You also can change some of your product attributes here. If you need to edit or delete a certain kind of product, you can search it by type, attribute, SKU, and other sorting features. Those are the options available for default Magento. You can add your own customized option if you want. If this is your very first time adding a new product, even those default option could be a little overwhelming for you.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
In order to add a new product, click “add product” button at the top right part of manage product page.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
The default attribute is the only one available if you haven’t tinkered your Magento yet. Of course, you can create your own attribute in the attribute section. Customized attribute allows you to apply unique data to your products. We better save that for later. For now, we will try to add a simple product with default attribute. Unlike Attribute Set, there are several options which you can choose for Product Type.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
As you can see in the image, there are 6 options to choose for Product Type. I will explain them one by one.
Simple Product :
Simple product is a physical product with only single SKU. This first option has a variety of input control and pricing which allows you to be able to sell more variations of that one product. This option could be used with the bundle, grouped, and also configurable products.
Grouped Product :
This option offers a multiple, standalone product as a group. This is very useful if you want to promote a bundle of things and throw discount on them. The product could be bought either in the group or separately.
Configurable Product :
This option is useful for a product with multiple options for variations. For example, a T-shirt with several sizes and colors. Each option usually appointed for separated simple products with their own SKU. That makes it possible for you to track each variation.
Virtual Product :
Just like the name suggests, this option was made especially for virtual products. So, what are virtual products? Virtual products are items which do not have a physical presence. For example, warranties, services, subscriptions, etc. You can associate virtual products with the bundle and grouped products.
Bundle Product :
Unlike grouped option, Bundle Product option allows the customers to “build” their own product package. It could be anything from customized gift basket, computer set, an assortment of Christmas gift, or other things which could be customized. Each item they put into the bundle is standalone, separate products.
Downloadable Product :
Now selling digital products online is not an uncommon thing anymore. This option may consist one or more files which could be downloaded via the internet. There is no need for you to keep the files on your own server. If you do not have enough spaces in your own server, you can provide URL to another server instead.
Those are the explanations for Product Type options. Now, let’s continue to create our new product. Click “continue” button.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
General page is the place to fill in all general information which you want to associate with your new product. The numbers of the field could be different, based on your Magento setting.
Name :
I am pretty sure most of you already know what this field is for. This is one section which you need to fill in for every product on your website. Make sure to create a relevant name for each of your product. Do not create a too long or hard to remember names.
Description and Short Description :
A good description should be short enough and yet able to convey all the product’s good points to the customers. Usually, a shorter product description will appear higher than a longer one. However, it may depend on your theme and Magento setting too.
SKU is an abbreviated for Stok Keeping Unit. Basically, it’s like an ID to separate one product from the others. You can make your own SKU. In order to make your SKU becomes more unique, you can combine letters and numbers to create your SKU. For example, Shirt000. If you need to search a particular kind of product, a unique SKU would be very useful. Two products can have the same name, but they must have different SKUs.
Weight :
If you often bought things online, then you must know how important it is to know the weight of the products you want to buy online. Yes, product’s weight is very important to calculate the amount of shipping cost you must pay later. You must keep in mind that Magento uses pounds to count their default weight system. If you prefer to use another unit like kilogram, then you can convert them with default setup or you can customize the system via the config option.
Status :
If you want your new product to appear in your front end store, then do not forget to set it status to “enable”. You can change this status anytime you want. If your stock for a particular product is depleted, then you can “hide” your product for the time being until you get a new stock again.
Visibility :
Set the visibility to “Catalog, Search”. It will make your product visible in both Catalog and Search Result.
Now we will add the price. Choose tab “prices” on the left side of Catalog page. Even in its default state, Magento offers a quite complete price customization as it’s price setting.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
Price :
Just like product’s name, the price is a mandatory field which you must fill in no matter what. In fact, you can not save your new product if you forget to add the price. Any amount which you put in here will appear as a base price for your product.
Group price :
Just like its name, this option allows you to set a different price for specific customer groups. For example, if you selling products for both retail and wholesale customers, then you can set different prices for each of them. Pretty neat, right?
Special price :
Giving discount is one of the best ways to attract more customers into your online shop. This option allows you to give discount price for any products you want.
Special price from date and to date :
If you want to add a discount for the specific amount of time, then you can use this function.
Tier price :
This option allows you to set a different price for a product, based on its quantities. For example, your customers can get a cheaper price if they buy more than 5 T-shirt. If less than that, then they will get your default price instead.
Apply MAP :
MAP is an abbreviated for Minimum Advertised Price. If you use this option, you can offer the manufacturer’s suggested retail price to your customers.
Display Actual Price :
With this option, you can choose where you want to put the actual price of your item. You can place in the cart, before order confirmation or on gesture.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price :
This option usually used by the retail seller who should abide by the manufacturer’s retail price in order to avoid market monopoly.
Tax Class :
This option allows you to add tax to your items. If you pick “none”, then no tax will fall upon your product. In default Magento, you can choose either “taxable goods” or “shipping” options.
Now move to Image. In this section, you can browse the file from your computer, upload image, and use it as the base image, small image, or thumbnail image. Feel free to add as many images as you can.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
Click “Browse Files” button, go to the folder where you keep your product’s images, choose an image, and click “Open” button.
After you choose an image, it will appear at the bottom part of Table Image. If for some reasons you accidentally pick a wrong image, you can delete it with “Remove button”. To upload the image, click “Upload Files” button.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
Your product’s image will appear now.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
Now, go to Inventory tab. This section is a place where you can manage your inventory.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
Manage Stock :
Choose yes if you want to manage your inventory.
Qty :
The amount of available stock for one particular product.
Qty for item’s status to become out of stock :
You can set the limit of your stock here. For example, you still have 3 stock of an item in your storage, but you prefer not to sell them in increments less than 3, so when the stock reaches 3, it becomes out of stock instead.
Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart & Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart :
If you want to set the minimum/maximum amount of items to ship products.
Qty Uses Decimals :
If your products weights can be broken into fractions.
Can be Divided into Multiple Boxes for Shipping :
It would depend on the types of products you sell. Some items need to be shipped separately.
Backorders :
This is a great option if you want to increase your sales.
Notify for Quantity Below :
The system will notify you if one or more of your products are depleting. In order to get notification by E-mail, you need to configure it first.
Enable Qty Increments :
Only if you want to sell your items in the batch.
Stock Availability :
If you want your new product to appear in the front-end store, then you need to set it’s stock availability to “In Stock”
Now, fill in quantity and choose stock availability.
Now go to the websites tab. If you have more than one store view for your Magento, then you need to choose where you want your new product to appear. I want my new T-shirt to appear in the Demo Website 1, so I’ll pick that.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
After that, go to “Category” Tab, and choose which category you want to put your new product into.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
There are several extra options like gift option, related product, etc. But for now, this already more than enough. If you already fill in all main information for your new product, click “save” button.
An Easy Way to Add Products in Magento 1.9
If you take all steps correctly, you will see your new product appears inside your online store.

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