Affordable Web Development: Ramadan

Affordable Web Development: Ramadan


17 May 2018

By limenotlemon

Ramadan is here. And there is a big opportunity for every e-commerce that spends their time to gain profit from Muslim market share. For example, in my origin country, Indonesia, one of the biggest Muslim countries globally, has so many parts of the market share that you can work on. To cover the market needs, we could develop specific features related to Ramadan. And to support that, we will provide you with affordable web development for special features.

Special Day Strategy

Actually, I’ve talked about a special feature early this year. Valentine and Chinese New Year are people’s favorite event, and they celebrate these every single year. Ramadan, a holy month for every Muslim, also one of the famous events. Just like Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year that need affordable web development to get your special features. You can find more here.

Developing Special Feature


Affordable Web Development Ramadan
Of course, a discount is always special. The huge sale is an old strategy, yet it’s still quite powerful to entice your customers. Even though we know that the discount is not really a ‘discount.’ Well, you know that people tend to buy a product when the discount price is way lower than the actual price. I think I won’t talk about this since you all have known this strategy. So, let’s jump to another one.


In Indonesia, there is a culture for Muslims that occurred during Ramadan. We called it ‘Ngabuburit,’ a time we spent during Ramadan, especially before we finished our fasting. During those 14 hours (approximately), many people will use their time with a variant of activities. Some people will sleep to wait, work, play games, cook, clean the house, and do many other things, including watching online stores that sell products with a lot of discounts and promos. This could be your chance to target the Muslim market at this special month.
Affordable Web Development Ramadan
Although the discount strategy is quite useful to attract your customers, it still lacks creativity, and your online store needs more affordable web development. Developing a new feature, especially for both of you and your customers, could help gain more profits.
Add a countdown timer for limited promotion is a good choice for several companies. For example, you can make a limited-time or flash sales for 4 hours before the end of fasting. Don’t forget to map the market share, when mothers open your store, when teenagers open your store, and so on. It will motivate your customer to quickly purchase anything that you provide in your storefront with a flash sale.


Homecoming or so-called ‘Mudik’ in Indonesia is also one of the cultures that we shared over Indonesia at Ramadan. Whether you are a Muslim or not, the homecoming culture is not just a Muslim culture, yet it has already been an Indonesian culture for Tim. After we’ve spent 1-month fasting, we will plan on returning to our hometown or our origin to meet families and siblings.
During this time, e-commerce also has a chance to develop a new feature from us. For example, JDID, part of JingDong company headquartered in China, also works on this opportunity to develop a new feature that supports homecoming culture. They manage to create a system to ease the pain of people when buying tickets online. To gain more active customers and new customers, they use a packaging strategy that allows Indonesian to choose homecoming packages across Indonesia or abroad.

Food, Fashion, Anything

Affordable Web Development Ramadan
In fact, Ramadan is a moment for people who want to be better. So, the actual product needs to better as well. Promotion is everywhere. It’s not just you who noticed that this is the moment to give the greatest strategy. People will also explain their product with marketing strategy, branding, and other things. But developing a new feature could be a competitive advantage that will make you stand out from the crowd.
Fasting is quite related to food. The food industry will promote a new recipe or ‘buy 1 get 2′ strategy for customers. Fashion for Muslims also needs to unique and fulfilling their needs. The even automotive industry could help people to fix the customer’s vehicle. It’s also has a chance to get more profit. Since homecoming culture also boosts the significance of vehicle maintenance.

Experienced Web Agency

To get affordable web development doesn’t mean you need to target an inexperienced web agency. Developing special features is not an easy job. Skills are always needed. Yet it would be best if you had a lot of experience as well. When you have made several developments, you will meet many different projects, and that makes you creative. It made you special.
Furthermore, you don’t have to waste your money on unnecessary bugs or problems. It’s not affordable web development if you spend money on something unimportant or even an additional fee. Save your money for the advertisement. You will need that if you want people to know your new special features.


Finally, we can conclude that Ramadan is also one of the biggest opportunities every year to boost your sales. But this is not just your opportunity, but everyone’s opportunity. That’s why managing a powerful and unique strategy is needed to stand out from the crowd. One thing for sure is to get your affordable web development and get a new feature related to your company, the event, and your customers.
Also, if you need a special feature, then you need an experienced web agency. Thanks to LimeCommerce‘s years of experience, you can finally face the special feature that you always wanted. As long as your goal is clear, explain what you want; we will give you several solutions, including how much time we need to develop and how much you should spend on this project. But above all, it’s clearly an affordable web development.

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