Using Blogger Blogs To Increase Website’s SEO

Using Blogger Blogs To Increase Website’s SEO


06 September 2018

By limenotlemon

Small Online Business

Everything starts small. People want to start a business, yet they are afraid that they couldn’t survive in the tough competition. They are afraid that they can’t innovate more and make an effective strategy for their business. That’s the reason why I think you should try this. A blog is a platform for people to create a post. Mostly using a writing format and use an informal way. Blog gather more audience since it’s not using a formal way like news or other journalist platforms. Use blogger blogs as your marketing Spots

Create Competition and Gather Blogger Blogs

Create a blogger blog competition with several prizes and e-certificates for the blogger. It would be better if they use TDL or Top Domain Level as well. Don’t forget to use specific keywords as the main requirements for every post that they write in their own blog. After that, link it back to your website to increase the SEO rate. I think it could work since you are a small business and need more attention. It’s the internet anyway, you can be drowned in seconds.
E-commerce business has a lot of competitors nowadays. That’s why using a lot of blogger’s blog at once is a good tactic. Especially if they are using a TDL and always active. Google won’t penalize your blog since the blog is verified and comes from an active blog.

How to Create a Blog Competition

Know Your Audience

Before anything, it’s wiser to know your audience. Even though you are using blogger’s blog, you still need to analyze the audience that you could get after the blog competition. It’s all to create brand awareness anyway. Any luck, you will get a first buyer as well.

Brainstorm Your Blog Competition

First, you need to find a keyword for the blogger’s blog. This is SEO. So, make sure you find a good keyword that related to your e-commerce website. Then, you should know how your competition works. After that, we can promote it to bloggers.

Find Media to Promote Your Blog Competition

You can use social media like Instagram to promote your competition. You can get help from the event announcer which will announce your blog competition for free. And it has many followers, so it’s easier to get the blogger’s blog ready for SEO improvement.

Shopping Voucher as Your Prize

For the bonus prize, you can give a shopping voucher from your e-commerce website. Therefore, they don’t just become your participants, but also become your first buyers as well. But don’t forget about the money and e-certificate.

Hire Famous Blogger

You can also hire a famous blogger that still fits with your e-commerce business and ask him/her to become a role model. It would gather the other bloggers. The famous blogger could help them with some tips and tricks to write a well-made post on the blogger’s blog.

Final Thought

Finally, make sure that you have a budget for this strategy. Hiring a blogger, preparing the prize in the blog competition, and announcing your competition need some money. I think it would be better to hire one blogger, set the winners from the first to third place, and announce your competition from a free account in social media.
blogger's blog
Perhaps, if you succeed in the first competition, you can make it to the annual competition. Therefore, there will be new participants every year and you can gather more buyers as well.

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