Build Your Own Website Strategically

Build Your Own Website Strategically


07 March 2018

By limenotlemon


Since the internet of things era begins, every people who are sophisticated enough to join the digital world tends to go further by building a website, even for just making a website for your contact information and showing all of the achievements you have made.
Some people doing freelance want to make their own website to ‘sell’ themselves. They brought all the portfolio, projects, and all achievements that they have into it. They also make a summary of who they are and what they are doing right now. Mostly they will insert a photo, their name, experiences, and costs that need to be paid.


vision for web
Everything needs a purpose. It’s a finish line that you need to reach. Whether you are running a business or not. What is your purpose when you want to build your own website? This philosophical question is always needed to set your direction. Which direction you need to take, and what kind of path that you need to build. And how many resources that you need to build one website. Do you need a free website or more than that?
But it’s all started on different starting points.

Starting Point

I think there is some starting point that you can observe by yourself:

  • Your interests
  • Your background and experiences
  • Your skills
  • Your financial resources
  • Your community
  • Continuing family’s business
  • Met or unmet market needs
  • Problems you can solve
  • And more

Also, remember that everything starts small, except you are continuing your family’s business. So it depends on your family business. If it’s big but has so many problems with it, perhaps you should consider solving the internal problems first since it would be harder to handle, especially if you are untrained or inexperienced before.

Quick-Step to Build Your Own Website

When you have a purpose, you mostly have a limited amount of time to accomplish it. As well as to build your own website. Sometimes you will need a fast track to build it in no time. I know that the title said you could build your website in less than a month. You can do that. But sometimes it’s not that easy. It depends on all variables in your surrounding. A team, effort, skill, finance, market, competitor, government, and many more.
I will give you some option if you want a quick step to building your own website. just in case you are not patient enough to wait to go live.

Free Sign Up

Build Your Own Website Strategically
There are so many platforms that will help you to build a website. in every single one of it is providing some features. And the happiest thing is it’s free. You just need to register with your original email and set up a couple of things in minutes or hours (Just in case you are a newbie).
Ah yes, you don’t need to learn web development as well. It’s very user-friendly. Like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are doing great to serve you free accounts and websites. Try to visit them first and perhaps you can compare one another. You just need to build one website, right?

Quick Template

You don’t have to worry about the template. There are a lot of free templates that you can choose. And since it’s the quickstep, you don’t have to be confused about the time. The template will be easily installed on your website. But of course, don’t expect too much from a free template. You are not the only person who uses it. I think there is more website that uses your template as well.
But I think it’s okay. The keynote is the quickness.


Build Your Own Website Strategically
If you want to make a website for a professional purpose, order a domain is the first thing you should do in these whole quick steps. So it’s not completely free, but it’s better than using a default domain name. mostly you will find a promo that will save your money.
But if you don’t want it and let your website using the default domain, so be it. I will not rush you to get a domain. It always depends on your purpose anyway.

Long Step

If you want to take the longer, harder step, here is some information you can use to prepare for your long journey.

From Square One to Website Development

Build Your Own Website with friends
Building from scratch takes a long-term plan, consume so many resources, and the most important thing is you need to be patient. There is more risk that you should take to do the long steps. And to build your own website will be stressful as hell.
The first thing is finance. You need a lot of money to do the longer steps. Generally, this long step is not for personal purposes, but for business or bigger purposes. Sometimes a hospital also needs a website to close the gap between them and their future patients. It’s not business, but it’s using the long-term website to make them look more professional and credible.
Second, you need a web builder that suits you the most. Just like the shorter step, you can try to compare one another. But if you are still confused, you can try to contact us and get a solution to decide your next step.
If you have ade up your mind, you can start the web development phase. If you are not tech-savvy, you should hire a web developer as well.  So just need to think about how you get the money (investor perhaps), manage your team, and control your web development workflow.


First, you need to find your purpose. It’s about finding the right compass to guide you to the finish line.
Second, to build your own website, you should consider the free feature in almost all website builders if you want to do it quickly. It’s really quick. Even an amateur could do it in one day. Because most website builders have built some demo or tutorial to help their user.
Third, if you want to do the long step, you can try to hire the web developer and prepare your financial support to run your business.
P.S. Next time, I will write about a website builder that could help you to build your own website. Whether it’s for business or not, every platform has their own unique feature and competitive advantage. Not everyone will fit one platform, yet they can get along and fell in love with another. So I think only about the fear and the feature and service that answer all your problems.
Let’s discuss it deeper in my next article. See you!

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