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Manage Business Partner for Better Engagement

About Business Partner

In general, we always need a partner to start a business. Whether it’s for internal or third parties.For example, Elon Musk will get his partner before he starts his early PayPal,including his brother. Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak and build Apple. Also,more of entrepreneur that meet their business partner to start their own. It’s all about connection. But that connection not only runs the business but also make more engagement with the customer as well.

But how? Let’s discuss it a bit more.

Networking Process

The first thing about a business partner is always the networking process. But you don’t need to go to every seminar to get more business partner. For a simpler step, you can use social media like LinkedIn that could connect all your business partner online.At least it will help you gain more attention and make you more look more professional.

Different Kind of Partnership

There are tons of partnership out there. Warehouse, expedition, financial technology, and many more. But let’s discuss two of them. Since we don’t have much time to discuss them all. I think fintech and expedition are the most relatable partner fore-commerce business.

Let’s jump into it one by one.

Fintech and E-Commerce

Manage Business Partner for Better Engagement

This is the most famous partnership nowadays. Especially in my country, Indonesia. While the US already has developed e-wallet like PayPal, in Indonesia, we still have a long way to go to make a cashless society. People in Indonesia still prefer using cash than using e-wallet or credit card. The e-wallet mostly runs on urban people, not rural. But still, it doesn’t change the fact that e-commerce in Indonesia is growing fast. So, one thing to make it grow faster is to take the financial technology company as a business partner.

For example, there is some mobile app that uses e-wallet as their business partner. Since their own e-wallet will lose its popularity, the strategic decision is to make a connection with them. It would be much easier if you can buy all e-commerce product with your regular e-wallet.

Expedition and E-Commerce

Sending the product to customer need at least two steps. Packaging and shipping process. If you are a small business, it would be a pain if you do all those processes by yourself.So, instead of handled all packaging and shipping process all alone, you can try to connect with the expedition company.

If your partnership going well, you can create a free shipping promo as well. The product could sell better and the expedition will get more order from your company. A win-win solution for every side. Including your customer.

Managing Conflict

Interaction is not only about good things. We usually face conflict as well. If the business partner doesn’t have the same opinion as us, sometimes we will argue. It could be a bigger conflict if the opinion doesn’t meet. Or worse, it could be the end of the partnership.

Always Think Strategically and Professionally

Don’t cloud your mind with emotion. Every strategic decision should be strategical and professional. Before the conflict might happen, you need to get to know each other. How your partner thinks, works, and more about them. It’s all about understanding. You can think it professionally if you understand your partner professionally too.

Even if you are partnering with your wife or significant other, if it’s about work, don’t mix any personal conflict with work. Or it could make you lost every relationship.

Don’t Wait to Solve It

Just like in every relationship, you will need to solve the conflict with your partner. If you have a conflict or if you have anything to say, shout it all clear. Don’t wait until the conflict gets bigger and bigger. Talk about it cold-headedly.

If Thing Doesn’t Go Well

The conflict starts to roll about two months ago. There is a chance your partnership couldn’t go any longer. It would be better to end it fairly and clearly. Even if you don’t have more relation with your ex-business partner. At least you don’t have a grudge or anything behind. Past is in the past. Now you just need to learn from it and moving on.

Building Engagement with Customer

Just like what I told you before, fintech and expedition companies could give you some helping hands to run the business. A better connection gives you a better service to your customer. As long as you can manage it well. So, let’s start to build your network from this point.


Let’s wrap it all up.It’s always vital to make good networking that could make your business run faster. Watch out for the bad people. Before you decide, always think it thoroughly, strategically, and professionally. Solve all conflict possible. If there is no future between you and your business partner, you need to end it in a good way. So, it wouldn’t bother you in the future.

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