Business Website: The Creativepreneur

Business Website: The Creativepreneur


17 January 2018

By limenotlemon

Talk about Statistics

In the last two articles, we had a discussion about digital agency and web agency. They are companies that provide us an easy way to make a new website. Especially for building a business website. We also knew what business is. As we start 2018, we already have hundreds or even thousands of business website around the world. As long as we have an internet connection we can use all of those websites to make transactions.
After I do some little research about the online transaction or what so-called e-commerce there are few statistics about global e-commerce back in 2017. Let’s take a look at down below.
Slide Business Website: The Creativepreneurship
As you can see, the study of Statista and We Are Social explained that there are 1.61 billion people in the global population that using e-commerce for purchasing something. The total value of global e-commerce market in 2016 is US$1.191 trillion and average annual e-commerce revenue per user in 2016 is US$ 1,189. We can hypothesize that in 2018, with the progress of Internet of Things, e-commerce will be more valuable and gain more user.
My hypothesis also based on the statistics of m-commerce shoppers below. The statistics said that the growth of m-commerce shoppers had a huge increase. Especially in Indonesia that has 155% new m-commerce shoppers. Even in Japan and Philippines also have 101% and 85% progress. So basically, the citizen of the world are migrating to online business, both shoppers and sellers.
growth of m-commerce shoppers
This statistic below also explains about online or in-store shopping preference for selected product categories by consumers worldwide as of 2017.
Business Website
It said that about 60% people tend to purchase books, music, movies & video games in online store. Toys are the second highest categories that had bought by 39% customers in the online store. But the other categories such as electronics & computers, sports equipment, health & beauty, clothing & footwear, jewelry, home improvement, furniture & homeware, and also grocery are still being bought in-store. So we can assume that people tend to buy items that which can be tried in-store, not an online store.
But with the development occurring right now, people will know that digital transaction or e-commerce is much more simple and easier than the process to buy in the physical store. Since the online business is promising and we still have approximately 11 months and 14 days in this lovely year, maybe we can try to build one.

How to Start

There is a chance that now you are taking a business major or study about business by yourself, but if you are not and but urge to start your first business website, perhaps this will help.
In my last article about web agency, the perfect team will help you to do the technical homework. But in your standpoint, it will take a few of preparation as well. In fact, there is four main business feasibility. Objectives, Resources, Competitors, and Environment.
Objectives talk about what you aim in your new business. Is it worthy? I mean, you have to be clear about this. If you don’t know about your objectives, then it will just be a dream. So write some definition of what you want the most and aim in your business website.
The next is resources. Objectives are important. But is it realistic? You need money and time. You have to prepare the infrastructure. And you need people to help you. So if it is clear, then we can move to the next phase.
Knowing your competitors and environment are needed too. Who is your competitor? What kind regulation that you need to be considered? Is the policy will give some threat or opportunity? And many more.
After all of that, your journey to becoming a Creativepreneur will be clear and you can do your first step. But what is Creativepreneur? Is it related to making a business website? Let’s take a glance!

Meet Creativepreneurship

Creativepreneurship is a concept to every person that they need to focus on creative industry, create and innovate something useful and valuable, and they can strive in the global competition. And yes, they need to do all of that in their own unique ways.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
-Milton Berle

These three are the main value to keep by a Creativepreneur:


People like artist, illustrator, botanist, farmer or any profession that we still have right now, they are still productive to make their products or masterpiece, but sometimes they don’t know how to sell it.
Maybe if you meet some great illustrator and want to make a digital exhibition, why we don’t use virtual reality as the media and we can share the exhibition online. People can register their names in your website, pay the cost, and start watching the exhibition simply in their home.
People also have a negative stigma about a farmer. Especially if you are in a developing country. It’s basically said that you can’t live if you become a farmer. But is that true? The truth is not about you become a farmer or not. It’s about being innovative. There are lots of technology nowadays that support hundreds or thousands of farmer across the country. Biological engineering helps people to make better vegetables and fruits. Marketers help the farmer to sell their products, even via an online media. Customers can choose any kind of vegetables and not only in one farm or in the city, but they can compare the products to ten or more cities across the country. The point is that innovation is important to become a creativepreneur.


Building a business website also has to solve tons of problem ahead. And human granted with creativity. Creativity consists of two things, originality and usefulness. Everyone can make an original solution, but not every solution is useful or solutive. Obviously, creativity is the fuel to every Creativepreneurship.


And of course, persistence. Every persistence and patient will take you anywhere. There is no shortcut to make a business website and become the Creativepreneur. Dreams have costs. It will take days, months, even years to make one great website. You will meet and greet failures as well. So innovation and creativity are important, but this one is the core of every dream that you have in life. In the end, life will tell you when to stop.
Those three are basically inspired by one of the CEO of an Event Organizer in my country. Maybe it will inspire you as well to create something new. Something valuable to the big system.
Team? Ah yes, I forgot that. You will need your team as well. But if you are the only individual who is creative and innovative, your company will not survive on the battlefield. You need a system that makes a great environment to make an innovative product and upgrade the talented people beside you. I will write about how to make an innovative environment, so stay tuned!

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