Big Challenges When Developing Mobile App

Big Challenges When Developing Mobile App


27 April 2018

By limenotlemon

I won’t convince you again. We know that every small and medium e-commerce players need to have their own mobile app. The concept of e-commerce mobile app is supported by the growth of mobile commerce experience. For my country, Indonesia, purchase something from a mobile phone is far easier than using a laptop to open a browser and place an order via website. But this obvious chance also comes with big challenges.
For example, since it’s quite obvious, you will see a lot of people try to make their own app. Whether it’s for gaining profit, social service, education purpose or even commit a crime. Yes, the mobile app also used by hackers and criminals to steal credit card and make a chaos in the digital world. And it’s still happening now. I will give tips about that as well.
There is numerous mobile app these days. This article contains information about the challenge of mobile app development and how to face it. Well, since the tangible assets of every company are different, I will enhance the intangible asset instead. Especially for the knowledge. The rest is on your hand. Carry on and solve the problems.

Big Challenges

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We will face plenty of big challenges ahead. But I will narrow it down to 4 main problems in developing a mobile app.

  • Choose how to develop your mobile app. There are two ways, buy a ready-to-use mobile app or make a brand new mobile app by hiring an app developer. It’s your choice.
  • Choose the platform. Do you want to build an Apple app or Android app? Or perhaps you can choose both. But you will spend more money to do so. There are two main places to develop a mobile app, Apple, and Google (Android). No need to think about this if you can do both Apple and Android. But if you have to choose one, then you must think carefully.
  • Think about security. You will have a lot of transaction. You need a super safe security system for both of you and your customer.
  • Pick up the right agency to develop your e-commerce app.

Tips for Developing Mobile App

Gather Your Data

The first thing you do is understand your market share. If you already have an e-commerce website, you can use it as your media to gather data about what kind of phone that they use and how your customers use a mobile phone. Just say that you will develop a mobile app to give them more chance and ease to buy something from your store.
Make smart questions to gather the data. Don’t ask too obvious and keep it short. Remember that your customers don’t have all time in the world to answer long questions. That’s why it should be effective and efficient.
Big Challenges When Developing Mobile App
Second, try to ask one or more customers via email or make a simple page to gives questions to them. You can add a simple coupon or voucher as a motivation to answer your questions. Do not forget about the timing. Asking our customer at the end of the month is suicide. You won’t get any answer and your coupon won’t work since your customer is on a low budget. So, make sure that they have got they payday and ready to go shopping on your site.
The next is doing your mini research. You can use three methods. Send an email, make a simple questionnaire page on your site, or you can try to make a Google Form as well. After that, you can see which platform that the most people use. Whether it’s Android or Apple, you need to do the next step.

Different Device and Size Screen

The next challenge is not just finding out the platform. You need to know the device type and screen size. But don’t worry. The method is similar to the first step. You need to know which device and screen size that is popular in your country.
My point is that you need to develop it step by step. don’t force it too hard if you can’t face the competition. A mobile app is very popular and there are tons of competitors out there. If you can’t adapt to all devices and screen sizes, you need to narrow it down and target the most prospective customer to gain more revenue.


Security is a serious problem for e-commerce app. Except you make a game or something that won’t use intensive and huge financial transaction system. But for e-commerce, you will need a good security system to keep your customers safe.
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According to BitMascot, Apple provides developers with strict guidelines for iOS app development, but unfortunately, no such instructions are officially available for Android apps. Unless proper security measures comply, the lapse in security can lead to information misuse and manipulation, poor user experience, and scarce app adoption.
It said that despite Google’s various protections, just recently, a troubling new malware strain that has been discovered in a handful of Google Play Store apps. Researchers from a US-based software technologies firm has discovered around 40 google play store apps and more than 400 apps of third-party app stores to be infected with DressCode malware – which generates ad clicks and false traffic to some website without users consent.

Find The Right Agency

Not every agency is capable to build an Apple-based mobile app or Android-based mobile app. That’s why make sure that your agency fits your criteria. One of the agencies you should consider is LimeCommerce. It has years of experience to build both website and mobile app. Also, they have a handmade extension to give an integrated system for those platforms.
For the development, you don’t need to sign anything, we will give the hourly rate for anyone. And it’s pretty simple, US$30/hour. No need to worry about any hidden fee or something like that. Also, you can check our work from the beginning. Try the app before we make it live. Simple and better.

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