Color Psychology for E-Commerce

Color Psychology for E-Commerce


10 March 2017

By limenotlemon

Color Psychology

Now it is fairly easy to find an E-Commerce site on the internet, right? You can either manage the site by yourself or turn it into a big multi-million company instead. There are so many factors when it comes to E-Commerce built, and color psychology is one of them.
A successful online store actually requires a quite simple formula: It should easy to access, easy to navigate so visitors can find what they are looking for in no time. An E-Commerce site also must have an attractive look.
color psychology
Do you know? Colors turn out to have an important role when it comes to the success of your online store. Colors may hold various kind of information. For example, you may guess a person’s personality from his or her favorite color. You also can get a lot of information about an online store just from the colors it used.
Some people do not know that the right combination of color can help raise their online store sales, or, if you do it wrong, may cause some loss too.
Based on the research conducted by Seoul International Color Expo, about 92% of people agree that colors play an important role to help decide whether they should buy something or not.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is a study about how certain kind of colors can affect people to make a decision. If you understand color psychology, then you can use that knowledge to increase your sales and your brand popularity.
Color psychology helps you to predict how your buyers will react to your promotional messages, depending on the color combination you use.
Some of the color options you may use are :

  • Brown


Brown is a strong and reliable color. If used properly, this color can help convince your buyer to trust your brand and products.


  • Orange


Orange color radiates ambition, energy, and adventure. It also symbolizes passion, originality and a new beginning. The orange color combined with a bit of blue can bring positive aura and happiness.


  • Yellow


Yellow is a cheerful and lively color. It’s a kind of color that will make people see it twice when they take a glance at it. But using too much yellow can give a bad impact, so use it in moderation, and try to use a softer version of yellow.


  • Green


Green color has an organic and natural impression. Green also symbolizes balance and nature. This nature makes it easier for the eyes to see it. Seeing green color will not make your eyes tired easily. When the buyers see the green color on your site, they will feel positive, secure and relaxed.


  • Pink


Although pink is often associated with feminine aspect, this soft color also can attract male because it symbolizes kindness, romance, youth, understanding, and love.  Pink has a soothing effect that suitable to be used together with other “aggressive” colors such as black, orange and red.


  • Red


The red color is able to pull out the deepest and the most basic of human emotions. This color also one of the most attractive colors. Red is often associated with love, life, and self-confidence. If you use it properly, this color can help turn your first-time visitor into a lifetime buyer.


  • White


White color symbolizes holiness, simplicity, and clarity. Do not forget to put white colors on your site, to create a “big space” effect.

  • Purple


Purple is always associated with luxury, power, prosperity, and creativity. The proper use of purple color can help buyers to make the right decision when they do online shopping.


  • Grey


This color can give a serious and old-fashioned impression. Grey color also symbolizes neutral, polite, and contemporary aspects. The right shade of gray can be used as a background color of a site or as a complement for brighter colors such as orange, red, or blue.


  • Black


Black is a strong, dominant and powerful color. When it used in an E-Commerce design, it will convey a confident message for anybody who sees it.


Colors and Their Different Meanings

Do you know? Colors have various kind of different meanings, depend on the cultures. So, you need to pay attention to the cultural differences, especially if you plan to sell your products internationally.

  • Red color symbolizes luck and celebration in China, but it symbolizes sadness and death in South Africa.
  • Yellow is considered as sacred and hopeful color in India, but in Egypt it symbolizes grief.
  • In most parts of the world, blue color usually associated with the baby boy, and pink for girls, but it different in Belgium. In that country, blue is reserved for the baby girl, and pink for boys.


Find The Right Color 

Different colors will attract a different kind of customers. If you want to play safe, then you can try to use blue as your site’s main color. It works for all genders.

  • Men

Men tend to prefer blue, red, orange, and yellow colors. In western countries, many men have a color blind problems. If your target market comes from there, make sure to take partial color blind or any kind of color blind problem into consideration when you design your site.

  • Women

Women usually like red to blue, and yellow to orange colors. Women also tend to have wider color preferences than men and easier to accept new color.

  • Kids

Likes primary and secondary bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, etc.

  • Teenagers

Teenagers are easier to accept more complex colors, especially they who used to use computer and gadgets. Most girl teenagers love the variation of purple and pink.
Teenagers in their late teen or early twenties (usually around the last years of high school) tend to like the black color. This due to their transition from childhood to adulthood. Black color represents the end of an era and the beginning of a new era.

  • Adult

Tends to get attracted to soft colors. It is a bit hard for an adult to accept new colors. Most of them prefer to stick with their own favorite colors.

  • Old people (above 65)

Yellow is their least favorite color unless the yellow is similar to the color of a butter (pale yellow, almost white). Most old people prefer “clean” colors like pink, bright blue, and green.


Using the right color combination can help increase your E-Commerce sales. It does not matter what kind of products or services you sell, make sure your color choice is suitable for your target market. There is no “best” color. Different kind of color is suitable for different kind of customers and products/services.

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