Raise Your Conversion Rate

Raise Your Conversion Rate


31 January 2017

By limenotlemon

Raise Your Conversion Rate

If you own and run an online store, then it is only normal for you to try to boost your sales. Yes, you are not the only one who run and own an online store. With many available choices out there, how you can convince people to buy something from you?
Will it not be great if you can turn more visitors into customers? Do not worry, because you surely can make it happen! So, what kind of conversion rate you can be happy with? There is no exact answer for that question.
In order to boost your sales, you need to focus on two major things : to bring more people into your store and to convert them into a buyer (which means they must buy something from you, not just browse your product and then leave without buying anything). There are some tips which you can try to raise your Magento conversion rate.

  1. Speed Up Your Website Performance

It is a common knowledge that the speed of a website is one of the most important and basic fundamentals of your customer experiences while they are browsing your site. Do not look down on this basic point. The fast website can give a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

There are so many ways to improve your website speed, like select a proper hosting and server, clean database log, enable flat catalog, etc. You can start by spending more money for hosting and server. Most business owners usually do not have enough money at the very beginning and decide to cut their cost for server and hosting. This act is very understandable, but please keep in mind that a fast landing page is not only will improve your SEO, but it also can help raise impressions from your customers when they visit your website.

Magento is always hungry for resources, especially if you have a big catalog. So, it would be the best if you use a premium package from a famous hosting company for your Magento store. If you have the budget,  choose VPN or dedicated server instead of shared hosting plan. Do not worry, you will find your investment worth it.


  1. Keep Everything as Simple as Possible

In order to raise your conversion rate, you need to remove all unnecessary contents in your website and make sure your website is as simple as possible. Just image yourself as a customer. When you come to this one site that full with multiple call-to-action, lengthy paragraphs, ads, banners, or links, how you will feel? You must be frustrated and annoyed, right?

Raise Your Conversion Rate

A landing page like that one is not user-friendly at all, and most people usually will not come back for the second time due to the bad first impression they experienced. This is why a simple design and clean landing page that are easy to use and navigate are very important when you want to start your online business.


  1. High-Quality Product Image

Unlike buying things directly from an actual store, customers can not touch the product that you sell for real. That is mean, the image is the only thing which allows you to see the condition and the shape of your product.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

In fact, technically you can build an online shop with just images inside, without any text at all (but please do not do that). However, you can not have an online shop with just text inside. Customers want to be able to see the things they want to buy. This is why you need to use high-quality images for your product.

The higher the better, but make sure to maintain it’s loading speed. So, your images should be fast enough and high in quality at the same time. Use more than one image for a single product. Show your product in different angles and make the image zoomable.


  1. Improve Your Checkout Process

Checkout is the last gate your customers must come through on their visit to your online store, so you need to make sure there isn’t any problem for them to place their orders. The main problem here now, there are many E-commerce websites out there that are not friendly enough for the checkout process, and Magento default checkout system is one of them.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

By default, Magento checkout system contains 6 steps inside. In each step, customers need to click and wait. Most people are not patient enough to go through all those 6 steps. Your customers will get frustrated and decide not to finish their order.

This is why you need One Step Checkout for your Magento. With One Step Checkout, your customers can fill in all the necessary data to place their order in just one single page. They do not need to click and wait for 6 long steps again.

Another common issue for checkout process is, most of the time the customers need to register themselves first before they can place any order. This is also one of the most common barriers to turning a visitor into a customer.

The last problem with checkout is the shipping option and payment gateways. So, provide as many payment and shipping options as you can. Keep in mind that not all people have Paypal account. At least, you must provide two payment options for the customers. That way, when one method can not work for them, they can use the other one.


  1. Nice Product Description

That is right, the product description is important in your effort to raise your website conversion rate. Product description’s main role is to give the customers enough information about the products. That is mean, the product description should be good enough to be able to convince people to buy the product. The best product description is the one that full of complete information.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

So, how long your product description should be? You must offer both the long and the short description of products in your online store. The short version should be able to capture the essence of the product well, like what it can do, who’s the product for, and why that product is good for the customers.

On the other hand, the longer version should be able to give a complete information about the products so the customers will not have any question left. If they already read the description and still do not understand something or they have a doubt about the products, then that is mean your product description is not good enough. However, if your product description successfully convince them, then they will continue to the checkout page in an instant.

Do not just copy and paste the description from the manufacturer. You also can put in your own personal touch and recommendations. Tell your customers why you recommend the product and why the product is good for them. Make sure your product description looked as “human” as possible, write the features as benefits, and provide a comparison table if possible.


  1. Convince People to Put Their Trust to Your Online Shop

Believe it or not, they are still many people out there who feel cautious to buy things online. It is hard to tell whether people lie to you, especially in the online world. This is why you need to use all your resources to convince first time visitor to trust you.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

Tell them clearly who you are, what you do and how you work. In a simpler term, provide as much information as possible. Start from smaller things first, like an address in the real world, for example. Give them a real address, a place they can track, not a fake one. A phone number with a real person to talk with also a good start.

Showing the customers your policy and shipping rules also will give a great help. If you have SLL certificate, you can show it to them.

  1. Improve Your Navigation

Another important point to raise your conversion rate is to improve your navigation system. Make sure your customers always be able to find what they are looking for.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

It is not a secret that Magento default search system is suck. However, there is no need to worry. With just a bit of setup work, you will be able to offer decent on-site search experiences to all your customers. You can either use what available in your Magento default system or use the third party extension to improve your Magento navigation system.

The easiest one to use will be the Magento layered navigation system. Magento layered navigation system allows the customers to filter products on the product list pages, so they can find what they are looking for faster. Most Magento websites use this system, which is OOTB in both Magento Entreprise and Community editions. If you want, you also can improve this function with third party solutions like Amasty.

Third party solutions like Amasty can give you a more complex implementation and features like multi-select filtering, price slider, etc.


  1. Know Your Target Market

What kind of products you sell in your online store? Do you sell any special products? What kind of people who are likely to buy your products? You need to customize your site based on your customer’s need.

Raise Your Conversion Rate

If you plan to sell your products to a younger people, then make your website looked sleek, straightforward and efficient. If you target older people instead, put the easy to read and big text, and a simple yet clean navigation system.

I hope these tips can be useful for you.

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