Create Your Own Website: 7 Things For You

Create Your Own Website: 7 Things For You


30 November 2017

By limenotlemon

Create Your Own Website

Every business needs a website to be able to thrive in nowadays’ business climate. However, this idea is probably not that simple for those who don’t have enough skill to build one themselves. The easiest option would be hiring a developer to do this for you and paying freelancers to load your site up with the contents. This would be too costly for the newcomers in small businesses, and sometimes when they got the website done, it remains unsuccessful. That’s mainly because people can’t really figure out what they need starting out.
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There are 7 things that are often neglected when it comes to creating your own website. If you already have a website, this information would help you to figure out why your website isn’t as successful as you want it to be. 7 things you must take into account when creating your own website include:

1.Map out what you want to start out on your website

A major problem that a lot of business owners share in common is they don’t really know what they want starting out. They know they need a website, but they often find it difficult to elaborate on what purpose the website should serve. When you create your own website for the first time, you need to map out the plan to get the raw idea of what your website should look like, what features you need there, and what you should do to make the best customer experience.
Always keep in mind that when you build a website, you’re sending a message to your customers and visitors. If you want to build a good customer experience, you’d better put a clear message and call-to-action. Having a precise idea about your website would help you to build a reputation for your brand.

2. First impression

Once you figured out what your website’s core vision is, you might want to take a look at the next step: providing visitors with the best possible first impression and experience. After all, the first impression is everything, right? When you create your own website, especially a business website, you want to impress your visitors with things they exactly expect to see on your website. To be able to build the best impression, first, you need to specify the audiences you want to target.
If you targeted younger audiences, you might want to include things that are familiar to your audience. For example, statistics show that young men and women spend their time on the internet watching YouTube videos. Based on the finding, you may want to include some interesting videos on your website to attract a wider targeted audience.

3. Wireframes

Don’t let your visitors get confused when navigating the website. You need to make sure each page of your website only has one objective so your visitors don’t get too lost. Remember, confused visitors will more likely to leave your website in seconds, let alone make a purchase. Each page needs to be set up so the users can find what they need and find it easy for them to move along to purchase your product or service.

4. Provide interesting contents for your visitors

When you create your own website for business, displaying a catalog of products is not enough. You need to provide your customers with interesting information relating to your product or service. This is extremely important for any small business owner, especially if they want to improve sales as well as rank better on search engines like Google. The contents you provide on the website will also help your business to stand out and establish yourself as an expert in the market.
Again, you need to take a look at your target audience to create interesting content on your website. It’s fascinating to have a mixture of written content, videos, and images to keep your audiences interested. Just make sure the contents you create are in line with the message you want to send and can represent your brand in the best way possible.

5. Create your own website with an appealing design

The design is a website’s element that holds an important role. People are naturally drawn to visually appealing things, so that should be your primary goal when choosing a design for your website. While the overall appearance of your website remains an important element when you create your own website, your design also needs to stay consistent with your branding and the message you’re trying to communicate to your visitors.

6. The overall system

The functionality of your website will have a direct effect on how people perceive your brand. If your website is not easy to organize or difficult to navigate, people are going to have a bad impression of your brand, although it has nothing to do with the quality of your product. You want to look professional and credible to your customers, that’s why you have to make sure the system you laid out on your website should be a major part of your website strategy.
To deliver the best customer experience, you will want to take time to carefully consider the overall system in your website, such as the shopping cart you’re going to use, the marketing system, or perhaps the email auto-responder. In any case, you might want to take some time to try out different options for the available system to find out which one of them will work best for your business.
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7. Bug testing

Take some time to test how your website works. You should know firsthand what your customers will have to face as they try to navigate your site. You wouldn’t want to pay good money to well-targeted traffic to your website only to find out many of them bounced right off of your website because they had trouble using the system. Sending people to try out your website before it has been thoroughly tested is obviously not a wise idea. Spend a little more time to make sure the system works perfectly and the message you want to send to customers is clear.
Making sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to be is the primary foundation when you create your own website. A user-friendly website is the first thing every business owner needs to establish before planning to take a further approach to improve sales and traffic.

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