Creative Agency: Creative Part of Development

Creative Agency: Creative Part of Development


17 October 2018

By limenotlemon

Understanding Creative Agency

Creativity is an important ingredient for almost all aspects of website development. Mostly, we will get some experts or an agency to help us in the hard times. As time goes by, the creative agency comes up with a lot of definitions and sub-definition. It works on development, design, strategic planning, and marketing (it’s all connected one after another, but they have different purposes). Therefore, let me explain those four and discuss this whole topic with you here.


Development is about programming your e-commerce website. I think we all know that. Adding some code with specific languages based on it needs. Creating a brand new website for a small business will take at least two or three months. In this case, the creative agency will take the role to develop your website or mobile app. It depends on what kind of business model you want to run and keep.


Another soul of developing a website is web design. The creative agency also provides design support in the development process. The design is not only about the art but also how things work. Everything that will appear in the frontend or even backend needs a design to be useful for both the client and customer. The client needs to access, monitor, and analyze all kinds of data in the backend. On the other hand, the customer needs a simple, effective, and efficient navigation system, yet satisfying to the eyes. So that they can choose whatever they want in your store and purchase it right away. In short, there are two different standpoints for a creative agency to create a good website design, which are backend (client) and frontend (customer).

Strategic Planning

strategic planning Creative Agency
It will come up when you are going to make a decision for your company. Strategic planning is not only about analyzing data, but you can also add a creative touch to your strategic plan. It means you can give a new invention in your plan and act accordingly.


Creative Agency Creative Part of Development
The marketing part joins the force for advertisement content and analyzing the feedback of your advertisement program. For example, if you post a sliding banner on the homepage, you can track the traffic and how your customer responded to your new slide banner. Using heat monitoring, you can understand how your customer explores your website or mobile app.

Creative Part of Web Development and Design

After we all know there are several sub-divisions in a creative agency, let’s talk about the creative part in web development and design.
First thing first, we should discuss your plan. Well, not the whole company plan, but just how you would do with your website when you run a business later.

Creative Support from the Experts

There are several steps in creating an online store. You can’t do the marketing stuff if there is no website. That’s why web development is the first step. Creative support will be given if you have the experts. They will get your back and stay when you have troubles.

Good Design and Bad Design

bad good
Good design? Bad design? How could you decide? There are four simple steps in design thinking. When you make a website, you will always have an invoice that contains all the requirements for your future website. This is something you should consider before you choose the agency

10 Seconds Rule

The thing is, creativity makes your customer stay. The creative agency doesn’t just make things beautiful, they did it on purpose. That’s why it’s called design. There is a customer standpoint when they visit your website, at least there are only 10 seconds for them to decide the next step.

Not Every Creative Agency is Creative

This is crucial. Not every artist is creative enough to create their masterpiece every single day. Creative agency is the same. Don’t expect that all creative agency is creative and not all of them will suit how you usually work on your project. The value of the creative agency will be the most vital ingredient when you want to choose it. Above all, choose it wisely.

Final Thought

Creative agency is varied in many ways. you need to understand the difference and get your service based on your needs. Don’t get it wrong. And if you don’t find any yet, then you can try to discuss with us. Maybe we can try to find what we agree on and work based on that.

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