Cyber Monday: Creating Extended Promotion

Cyber Monday: Creating Extended Promotion


30 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Cyber Monday

Making Black Friday your promotional event could increase your sales. One shopping event would be extraordinary, but how about two? Cyber Monday is part of the Thanksgiving series for the shopping event. Sometimes, people want to watch the products first before purchasing them. But what if they want to buy it the next day? I don’t think the weekend would be good timing to go shopping. So, the company should make a new shopping event like Cyber Monday to gain the prospective customer right away. Therefore, you could lose fewer customers than before.

What is Cyber Monday?

As the name said, it’s a shopping event that is mostly held on Monday. After the Black Friday that uses Friday as the main event, the customer would become back to the store to check their shopping cart or look for more products.

The Difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday

We have to have a discussion about Black Friday in my recent article. The Black stands for something bad and good. The bad goes for a little history about the messiness and chaos caused by this shopping event. You will find a heavy traffic jam, angry people, and even a murder. It caused a lot of trouble, even until now.
The good history of Black Friday is the motivation to stay ‘in the black.’ Instead of having red ink in your financial report (stay in the red), Black Friday means you have a good balance at the end of the year. Good selling for a good report. Wonderful motivation to close the year.
Cyber Monday
But Cyber Monday is a bit different. The definition of shopping stays the same, including the timing after you have a Thanksgiving. But Cyber Mondays stands as the long-term strategy. As I said in the title, this shopping event is an extension of Black Friday. Not everyone will actually buy the product on Black Friday. They could add the product to their wishlist or just put it into the shopping cart.

Engagement in Cyber Monday

If Black Friday is more related to a conventional retailer and physical store, Cyber Monday is more related to the online store. People will get back to work on Monday, so they don’t really have the time to go back to the store. Instead, they will finish their wishlist in the online store. Yep, the ‘Cyber’ term will lead the customer to your online store.

Take an Early Start

Cyber Monday Creating Extended Promotion
For an online store, the engagement of this shopping event is greater than Black Friday. But before that, you should make an early start for the customer. Get their attention three days before or even one week before the shopping event has started. You can send a newsletter to the subscriber. Or maybe if you have developed your own mobile app, you can create a notification or chat with the customer from the system, a big effort before the big event.

Maintenance Support

Busy server, slow response, and other buggy problems. When your shopping event starts running, at least those problems should be handled by your developer. The problem mostly occurred when all your customer visits and try to buy something on your website. Broken links, broken images, errors when checkout, and many small problems could be a huge snowball if you don’t solve it correctly.
And if you can’t find any developer yet for your maintenance support, we are super happy to help you and get your maintenance done before and during your shopping event.

Extended Promotion

Extending your shopping event and promotion party could be an option if the first shopping event doesn’t work well the way you want. Rather than doing the regular selling, there is still a chance to convert the abandoned shopping cart into revenue. Forcing your customer to buy their favorite product or make them look for more promotion in your e-commerce store.

Final Word

Above all, rather than just using Black Friday as your shopping event, you can extend it into Cyber Monday or even create your own shopping event. The term is also yours. So, make sure it has a catchy name related to your customer and your store, ineffectively close the year with a good mark.

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