E-Commerce Achievement Feature for Loyal Customers

E-Commerce Achievement Feature for Loyal Customers


20 September 2018

By limenotlemon

Imagine this, you are using a mobile app and get a special e-commerce achievement, just for you. It’s a good reminder that you can save your time, save your money, or get more benefits by using the mobile app. Instead of just using another mobile app or doing it traditionally, you can use the mobile app and get a better experience from it.
The achievement is based on the usage statistics and should be varied for every user. For example, if you buy more than 10 times in an online store, you can get an achievement or even a gift from that. After that, you will buy more in that store and not even glance at another online store. That’s one way to create a loyal customer.
Actually, I have created a post that explains about reward feature for an e-commerce store. But let’s dig into the achievement feature for your prospective customer.

A Different Way of Using Newsletter Subscription

Not Every Newsletter has to be Promotion

E-Commerce Achievement Feature for Loyal Customers
The newsletter could be an evaluation about you’re your recent feature, asking the customer to give an idea about the next-developed feature or say your gratitude to them. Moreover, you can choose to use the newsletter to show the achievement of your customer—one by one.

Personal Touch

The particular newsletter also could give a personal touch to the customer. You can only see your own achievement when using a website or mobile app. With a specific link, your customer will be redirected to their special message. You can see the example below.
E-Commerce Achievement Feature for Loyal Customers
It said that I have used an online taxi platform 9 times and saved 280 minutes of life. It could elevate the emotion of your customer, although just a little. And it indirectly said that your customers are your loyal customer and will get more benefit in the future.
And of course, the newsletter should be sent at the peak of the year or on 1st January 2018, annually.


If the customer only does a small thing on your store. For example, they purchase one or two products in a year; you still can encourage them to purchase more in the next year. Brag the reason for this encouragement. Mostly, you will say about the opportunity when purchasing your product. If the product is cosmetic, you can get makeup quickly and prettily at any party. And the only thing a customer does is to buy and try the cosmetic.

Another Way to Create Achievement Feature


Reward and no punishment system is the next thing you should try. Creating competition, making rules, implementing it, and giving the rewards to your winner. You will need to develop the standing on your website for the customer. Your system will manage the rest. Even if the customer tries to cheat the competition, you will know.

Example: E-Commerce for Sport Products

Since sport is one of the most competitive fields, I think the achievement feature would fit this example. If you sell products related to sport, it would be easier to make a competition between customer. For example, if you sell a product like Fitbit, a company that sells wearable products for sporty people, you can create a competition based on the data and statistics from their devices.
After you run the competition, your customer will get a workout intensively, and I think it’s a win-win since they can get a healthy mind and body. And you can get more profit from it. The competition will increase the heat and possibly gather more new customers.

Final Thought

I think we can say that the achievement feature allows creating tons of loyal customers. And it should be managed diligently since loyal customers don’t just create in a short period. In fact, a loyal customer will be there until you close your own business.
After all, if you want to create your own new feature. Then find us and discuss with us. We can brainstorm the best-related feature and develop it right away.

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