Blog Page for E-Commerce

Blog Page for E-Commerce


15 May 2018

By limenotlemon

The Significance of Blog

If you’ve read my recent articles before, you must know that blog plays a vital part in the e-commerce business. The blog page could gather more visitor to your website and give a good first impression when visiting your website. It’s like a sidekick of a superhero, yet quite powerful when it lends its hand. Even platforms that provide blog also has a blog to elevate their own website.

How To Make Blog Page for E-Commerce Website

Most people will platform that has a good name for serving blogging stuff. WordPress, Blogspot from Google, Wix, Squarespace or Shopify are the famous platforms that serve you well in developing a good business blog. They also provide free product and premium product. Just in case you need to try it first before you do an advanced development.
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The steps are quite simple as well. All you need is an email. But they also provide quick signup feature by using other accounts. Mostly, they use Google Login or Facebook Login for that feature. After that, you can start to design your blog page. There are a few platforms like Wix or Squarespace that supports a free-design feature. So, you can just drag and drop the item here and there. The limit is just your imagination (and the available design, obviously).
For other platforms like WordPress and Blogspot, they use templates to make it easier and faster. The user can customize the template as well. Yet, it’s also limited and you just have to change the font, color, image, widget, or something like that. And it’s not like drag and drop feature that supports free design.
Ah yes, they also provide both free and premium template. But don’t think that the premium template is always better than the free ones. You can also choose the free template to save your budget. In fact, when you start a blog, the design does not always matter. I will talk about blog page design and content later.

Blog Development

A personal blog and professional blog are quite different. They are both blogs that serve a different purpose and use different ways as well. After you successfully signup to your new blog, the next thing is development. Most platforms have already prepared almost all features to write articles, statistics, and many other things.
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But do you need more or you just have to use the current feature of your blog page?
That’s our next question. Since your purpose is to make a business blog, then you also need to generate a feature like chat support, like and share buttons, and also other stuff that you can put on your blog.

Design and Content

We know that personal blog and business blog are exactly different. Hence, you need to make a blog that ‘said’ you are a professional e-commerce company that serves anything you need. The blog page will need some improvement. The next thing we should take care of is both design and content of the blog.
Just like news and magazine website that provide thousands of information, yet we still enjoy it. But of course, we also noticed and said, ” Oh this is a news website and it’s pretty good.” And the job for your web designer or developer is to make your customer thinks like that.

Be Different

I think we all know that being different is important when you want to survive in this entire world of information. The fact that we need to boost our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is indeed a pain in the ass. When you boost the SEO of the blog page, you will also boost the SEO of your e-commerce site.
I also have talked about this many times. Being different is hard, but it’s the most effective to gain competitive advantage and it could help you win the competition. Well, it does not directly win the competition, but you will need to put a significant difference in your blog design.

Be Fast

Quick loading is one of the keys to getting you to top of the search result. Don’t make a design or content that too slow to load. Make sure it’s still good to be read and watch, yet compress the content until you customer could access your blog page less than 3 seconds.
FYI, Telegram, Facebook, and Google have a new similar system that could open your blog page quickly. It’s specifically developed for quick access. Telegram with its Instant View, Facebook with Instant Article, and Google with AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. But this is just an option. Not every people need a quick access support. Sometimes they also want to see the whole design of yours.

Be Productive

Blog Page for E-Commerce
The frequency of your blog page update is a vital point to be done. The more you update your blog page, the more Google will reward you with higher rank in the search result. According to Shopify, the number one mistake most entrepreneurs who engage in blogging make is that they start off strong and then completely stop. It’s important to keep the show going as it will be the main source of free internet traffic after a few months. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are too impatient to wait for the effects to kick in.


Your customer will not know and understand if you never say that you have a blog page in your e-commerce store. The process of promotion is like a spearhead of the SEO strategy. Stab all of them with your striking contents and soon they will notice that your store. Perhaps they will subscribe your blog and sincerely wait the next article from your blog page.
Use all of your social media. Or if you don’t have one yet, just quickly sign up and start promoting your blog right away. Find some groups or community that is related to your product. It would be easier to approach your customer with that strategy.


Okay, to make it clear, let’s conclude this. We can say that you need to make a blog page for your e-commerce store. Even WordPress, one of the platforms for blogging also has their own blog. As well as e-commerce. To elevate the page rank, e-commerce player needs to develop a blog. Also, the design has to be fast and different. The writer also needs to be productive. For more blog insight, you can just ask our web developer at our site. Just kindly drop us a line.

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