How to Choose E-Commerce Website Builder

How to Choose E-Commerce Website Builder


23 January 2018

By limenotlemon

Simple Way to Make Website

E-Commerce Website Builder is an option to make your e-commerce website with ease. Particularly for someone who still doesn’t understand what e-commerce is, how to run the business, and make some profit from it. Now they can learn from a bunch of articles, Youtube Video, or some other platform that provides a free online course to learn how to sell your products online.
Also, to any un-tech savvy out there, with the online e-commerce website builder, they can manage their 30-minutes of their life to start running an online business. We used to hire professional web developer (well, sometimes we still do) to make us a website. But with the e-commerce website builder, the DIY website is always easy.
But with many e-commerce website builders out there, we need to seek some insight about their website builder. Is it good for us? You should do a little research about you and the e-commerce website builder that you have in mind. Therefore, you can afford to make a good selling in the future.
E-Commerce Website Builder
Ah yes, before you mention it, this article is about online e-commerce website builder, not the offline one. So you don’t have to install some software on your personal computer. I will try to discuss the offline e-commerce website builder in my future article.
From now on, I will try to explain some tips on how to choose an online website builder. So let’s get back to our discussion!

Tips to Choose E-Commerce Website Builder

Responsive Design

The design is the most important part to make your customers stay. At least read some of your content about 10 or 15 seconds. This is fundamental since the first 10 seconds is your most valuable time to entice your audience to at least stay there and read the headline or promo. You must choose a website builder which have the custom option and have lots of templates to choose. You can make your website more appealing and do serve your customer better with its user-friendliness. First impression matters, right?
Also, the next important thing is responsive web design. Responsive web design means that your web can fit any smaller or bigger screen. Especially in smaller one. It’s because the mobile commerce also a big role to make the growth of your selling traffic.
E-Commerce Website Builder APAC
In the Asia Pacific, based on the statistic of APAC, the online commerce by the device has some tremendous percentage. This is a good news for any online business and chance to make a good responsive web design or even make your own mobile app.

Price Range

Generally, e-commerce website builder will make 2 option if you want to use their product, freemium one and a premium one. The freemium, since it’s free, not gives you all features that the website builder have. But if you want to make small business, you can try it first and become the premium member if you have the money and you are ready to make your online business get bigger.
How to Choose E-Commerce Website Builder
The premium one gives all the features you want. Like drag-and-drop feature that let you design and customize your website without coding or design skill, tons of template and extension, good UI and UX, and many other features. Well, money says it all.
But trust me, the most important thing doesn’t try to make a website you can’t afford. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough money to get the premium one. The most important thing is how you manage your website and calculate the strategy to win this highly competitive environment.

Useful Guides

This is also an important part of the first-time player. But still, this will be helpful to make your first e-commerce store. Website builder company also has to make a useful guide as your compass. Perhaps if you want to design it by yourself, you can try some guides on the website builder’s blog or some DIY pieces of stuff from other platforms.
Just like e-commerce website builder’s software that has readme and tutorials to install, use, and arrange your website, the online guides also could help you strive and thrive. You can say that even your grandma could make her e-commerce website by herself.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is ready. But it needs to get attention. SEO or Search Engine Optimization Tools are the perfect partner to make a website awareness in any search engine. Sometimes some search engine is picky to display your website on the first page. Well, if you have some money in your pocket, some search engine also provide an advertising program to make your website shown on the first page. It’s all up to you.

Customer’s Review

How to Choose E-Commerce Website Builder
In this sharing economy era, we don’t like to hear some promotion from website builder company. We always provided some information about what partnership they have until this moment. But we prefer to hear reviews from their customers. Since the customers have a wide space to say its critics, bugs, and some advice to improve the website builder. So basically, you can review the customer’s review to make a well researched of what kind of website builder they are.

Making It Possible

Those are tips to be considered. But choosing a good e-commerce website builder doesn’t mean you can make a good e-commerce store. Building an e-commerce store is obviously way harder than choosing one website builder to trust on.
But of course, choosing a good e-commerce website builder make your possibility increase to ease your pain and help you find what kind of design, what kind template, what kind of extension you need to improve your store. In conclusion, you basically choose the path to build your e-commerce store.
And to any e-commerce starter, in the next article, I will discuss custom website. The custom website is a well-made and DIY website that so popular nowadays. Well, obviously it’s not only about e-commerce. If you want to make a personal website, perhaps you can try to discuss it with me. See you!

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