Ecommerce Website: Education for Experience

Ecommerce Website: Education for Experience


19 September 2018

By limenotlemon

LimeCommerce Magento Education Program

No, this is not education for the developer. It takes months or even a year to become a Magento Certified Developer. Instead, this is the beginning of an education process in developing the best user experience using the Magento eCommerce website. For me, it’s vital to know the basics and any features that are installed on your website.
For now, we also want people to not just ‘simply’ use the website but also understand how it served as the media for shopping from their customer’s perspective. In other words, we should understand the purpose of every feature and the link between them so that you can take the whole advantage of it and present it to your customers.

Not Just User Guide

The reason for us, LimeCommerce experts, to come up with a solution like educating our client is to bring the best experience when using their own Magento eCommerce website. We face some problems with our clients. Even though they are already had some experience in using their website, sometimes they are still asking us for help to educate them about some features from their website.
So, what about the first starter? I think it should be good for us to join the education program and learn the basic feature of our e-commerce website. And it’s not just a user guide that has a general approach. Our experts will explain the special feature of your website as well.

Developing Experienced Users

Developing Experienced Users
Our goal is to develop a Magento eCommerce website that could help you run your business and develop experienced users. The users should know how things work. With this experience, you can use the website freely, and the customer would be more satisfied with your sales process.

Basic Skills from LimeCommerce Experts

These are a summary of the basic skills that could be used when the website is live. You should understand the basic parts before implementing the advanced features.

Set Up Store

The first thing in starting an e-commerce business is to set up an online store. It also depends on what kind of store that you currently hold. If it is a marketplace, then you will face the vendor management part in your lesson. Including managing your salesman, drop shipper, the commission, and more. After that, you will have to manage the product, inventory, sales, and administrative workload.

Build Your Catalog

After inserting your product into the online store, the catalog should be made to guide the customer. It contains a lot of important information about your products. The customer should understand what they purchase.

Publish Your Content

One important thing in an eCommerce website is content. You can make everything as long as you know how to create it. Content represents your storefront, especially on your website homepage. If the homepage is bad, then there is no chance for you to catch the attention of your visitor or customer.
Ecommerce Website Education for Experience
Content could be a sliding banner, a gif, short video, illustration, or even a poem (if you like to have it). But you should post it regularly, and our experts will lead the way to present the best content on your website page.

Promotion your eCommerce Website

The final phase of using an eCommerce website is a promotion. It’s related to the website content, yet not every content should be a promotion. So, make sure to make the difference and get the point of every content you post on your website homepage.
There is some way to promote newsletter subscription, notification, built-in chat, homepage content (slide banner or something else), and more. It doesn’t have to be a persuasive one. Sometimes you can also take the sympathy of your customer from a meaningful video and show your website’s logo in the ending scene. That’s when you use a video, but you can use other media as well. It’s all up to you.
Ecommerce Website Education for Experience
When you want to upload a banner, you can upload the banner from the backend. You can ask our experts to set a feature of a short video too. Ask us first.
Yet, don’t forget that running a business is a cycle, not just a one-way trip. After the promotion, you should gather feedback from your store. Analyze the traffic and statistics. Set the next plan, create your homepage contents, and rerun the promotion. It’s business anyway.

Closing Statement

There are several lessons you can learn from the LimeCommerce Magento Education Program. If you want to educate yourself and learn more about your own store, it should be enough to drop us a line, and we will get the right time to explain it to you.

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