Effective Website Services for Small Business

Effective Website Services for Small Business


29 June 2018

By limenotlemon

Business and Technology

People now more eager to create their own business which used technology as their base of the business model. Mobile app and website are the most used platform to enhance your business and reach more customer. With internet service, they will jump into the worldwide pool that has huge market shares. But big chances come with big problems as well. That’s why you need a specific service to deal with the problems. If you use website, then you need effective website services.
Before we get deeper, we should talk about what is new about creating a business model by using technology and internet. There is more than one business model these days. In fact, people are getting way creative than before and strive in the competition. Those creative vibes come from the web developers. The website developers have managed to become more advanced and provide better website services.

Minor and Major Issues

transparent website maintenance
There are two kinds of issue in website services, minor and major issues. First thing first, you need to figure it out and classify it into those two kinds of issue. Not everyone knows how to split it into two. That’s why the web developer will find it for you. You just need to make sure that you have the correct website services. I will tell you later about the website service you should have.

Update Regularly

A perfect website is nearly impossible. Even for a huge company like JingDong from China or Amazon from America. They all have the same problems as us, every single day. There will always be some issues, whether it’s minor or major, but it’s always there. You need to update it regularly. Just like when you use an android phone, if you install any kind of mobile apps, you will always get some updates from its developers to make a better user experience.
Effective Website Services for Small Business
But for the huge company like Amazon and JingDong, I think they don’t have to hire a website agency to do the website services. Obviously, they will have their own team to deal with the threats. They have their own website services.
For example, one of the most regular website services is checking and fixing website server. Since the server is the core of your website, you will need to schedule the update regularly. And this takes a lot of time and money. But if you choose the wrong website services, then it would be a pain in the ass.

LimeCommerce Website Services

LimeCommerce is a bunch of archipelageek from Indonesia that has more than 6 years creating, fixing, and solving the problems of our clients. Since technology and business are always changing, we have to be adaptive as well. We have implemented this workflow as the time goes. Let’s bring the website services to a different level.

Finding and Analyzing Your Problem

Effective Website Services for Small Business
The first and most important step of all website services is finding and analyzing your problem. We will discuss how your websites go recently, find the problem. We have configured more than 13 websites for the last 6 years. The experiences give us the confidence to build more websites and help more clients.

Full-Time Customer Service

You can drop us a line anytime you want. We will always find a way for you to reach us just exactly when you need some help from us. You can use Skype or other communication platform and give us a call. So it’s full-time website services.


If you want effective website services, you can start by visiting LimeCommerce website. We can find the problems, analyze your site, and give website services as the job description.

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