Create a Website for Fashion Industry

Create a Website for Fashion Industry


19 February 2018

By limenotlemon

I don’t do Fashion, and I am Fashion.

As the heading said, some people always see clothing as a fashion. Mostly, they have to be picky about what they should wear today. An outfit that will brighten up their inner self and make a super awesome image in others’ perspectives. Sometimes that people will create a website and sell some of their outfits. And they will upload it on Instagram or Snapchat with the ‘OOTD’ (Outfit of The Day) hashtag. Get a ton of like from it.
We know almost every person on Earth will see a fashion influencer from celebrities or social media influencers. The ordinary people will see the outfit as their idol. As the internet start to fill every single niche in our life, the fashion designer or any people who spend their lives in the fashion industry also begin to take the internet as their tool to run their business. Whoever it is.
Especially on the website. People use a website as their media to present their products to their customers. Even big companies also use a website as their media to share new value. So why don’t you try to create a website as well? I think it’s worth a shot!

Magento Commerce

If you follow my whole articles before, then you already know about Magento’s product. Magento commerce is made for you who wants to start a business in the e-commerce field. You will grant a lot of ease to reshape your e-commerce store. Magento is a perfect software to create a website for e-commerce purposes.

Magento Commerce for Fashion

Since we talk about the fashion industry as well, then we should understand that Magento commerce also supports the fashion industry and whoever the individual who wants to bring his/her style and taste to become a commercial purpose. That’s why you should try to visit the Magento official website and schedule a demo. From there, you can start to think about your unique ideas and create a website with your team.
If you don’t have a team, that’s easy. You can try to contact us here and connect with passionate people to support your dream. We believe that everyone could choose to be extraordinary. And so are you. Create a website that will make your customer wants to visit it more and more. Create a website that has excellent features that help your customer to enjoy their shopping.
Well, I will explain more about Magento Commerce for the fashion industry in my next article. Let’s talk about something else.

Integration with Youtube Channel

To get more attention from your audience, you can try to integrate your e-commerce store with your YouTube channel. While your web developer creates a website for you, try to spend your time learning about videography and whatever it needs to make a youtube channel. Don’t forget to put your identity in your youtube channel to make substantial value from it.
You can monetize every video that you created and uploaded. So the goals are making some videos that will expand your brand awareness and gain more profit from the video itself. So basically, you are running two kinds of business in one industry. That’s why it’s better to gather talented people and start making the team grow your two companies at one time.
So when you already produce your value into clothes, whether it’s a dress, new jeans, or something else, you can upload it into a video that has a deal as well. Perhaps you can try to make your own ‘fashion week’ with a theme every time you upload in one week. With that strategy, you can get your money from the video and increase the sale of your clothing products.

The Trend of Fashion Vlog

As I said in the beginning, the trend of fashion vlog now already spread to every person that enjoy the mix and match whatever they are wearing. Even fashion kids also have their market share. The millennial already starts to get married and have children. And the parents who like Fashion also want to make their children look good. Whenever and wherever they go. They want their children to taste the joy of wearing the right outfit and show off their beauty in front of the camera.
Mostly, they will make a video blog and upload it to Youtube. But sometimes, people also upload it to Instagram. Because it’s way easier than uploading a video, you can upload a ton of photos of every product. Set some endorsement to
For example, the Korean fashion style starts to affect the Fashion of Kpop or Kdrama lovers worldwide. In my country Indonesia, big fans of Kpop, they went to the physical store or got some online products when their idol also use the products.
Or perhaps we can see Ayana Moon. A beautiful Moslem from South Korea spends her time as a model on Instagram for Fashion, skincare, and cosmetic products. Her profession as social media influencer could be useful as a brand or company who produce the products specifically for Moslem woman. Especially in South East Asia. So if you have more budget, you can ask a social media influencer in your region that fits with your core value to make a promotion on social media or Youtube channel.

From Scratch to Trend-Setter

The most important thing to create a website for e-commerce purposes and apply your fashion industry to it, not be a follower. At least in your lifetime, you can be a follower when you start your business. It’s far more intriguing and challenging if you bring your taste and style in the beginning.
We can learn from Gucci. For me, the person who doesn’t even know how to judge my Fashion or people around me is startled because of the weird yet quirky looking from the people who wear Gucci on their daily basis. If you jump into Gucci’s e-commerce store, you will find some skinny people who put some colorful and super weird outfit like a real model. They provide you a catwalk video as well in a few pages. I know, Fashion is hard to understand for ordinary people like me. But the point I want to say is that Gucci brought their taste and style as their identity. And that is the most powerful tool to win the competition. Gucci is acknowledged as a luxury brand, and only a few people with tons of cash in their pocket wear this Fashion as their OOTD.
In short, you have to find your unique taste and style, develop it, promote it, reshape, bring the newest one, and start to become a trend-setter. Who knows that perhaps you will find yourself and your company sit side by side with legendary Gucci, Prada, or Versace. That would be lit!

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